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    The threat of climate change has never been more urgent. But the way forward has never been clearer. And it starts with a global commitment to limiting greenhouse gases in Paris.

    2015 is the year we finally came together as a planet to tackle climate change. It was the year our leaders took a giant step forward at the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 21st Conference of the Parties meeting in Paris (COP21) with a global agreement limiting greenhouse gases. And it was year that people everywhere stood up to ensure they did.

    It was up to us to seize the moment. Through the Road to Paris campaign, we united citizens, corporations, and organizations on every continent to demand a strong agreement at COP21 that dramatically cut emissions and will accelerate the planet-wide shift to clean energy.

    We Don't Have Time to Waste

    With 14 of the 15 hottest years on record occurring this century and impacts from rising seas to extreme weather striking in every time zone, our challenge has never been clearer. But with proven and practical solutions like wind and solar becoming more affordable by the day, neither has the way forward.

    It’s time to say “no” to devastating climate change and “yes” to a healthy and prosperous future powered by renewables. Join us on the Road to Paris as we mobilize millions to demand the strong agreement at COP21 that will help get us there. This would include meaningful reductions commitments based on national circumstances, a system of periodic review for these commitments, and a long-term goal of net zero carbon emissions.

    Eight Nations Hold the Key

    We’re working in eight pivotal countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, the Philippines, South Africa, and the United States – to rally millions to support practical climate solutions like renewable energy and tip the balance for a successful agreement in Paris.

    Know Tomorrow

    This October, student voices will be heard on campuses across the US. The October 2 Day of Action is our chance to be heard. Together, we can send a message about climate change that’s loud and clear. It’s time to stand up for a sustainable future. It’s time to Know Tomorrow.

    Open Letter

    Around the world, people from all walks of life are standing together to demand a strong climate agreement in Paris and a healthy future for the planet. When the world speaks with one voice, our leaders have to listen. So we’ve put together this Open Letter with one very clear message: DEAR WORLD LEADERS: TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW.

    Love Song to the Earth

    Some of the biggest names in music – including Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Fergie, Colbie Caillat, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, and others – came together to perform this "Love Song to the Earth" to call for climate action. #ShareTheLoveSong to tell world leaders to take climate action now.

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