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    Tell Your Senators: Pass a Strong Build Back Better Act

    We are so close to Congress passing the biggest climate bill in US history. But we’re not there yet – and the Senate could still hold things up.

    On November 19, the House passed the Build Back Better Act, the bold bill that Americans have been demanding to fight climate change, put millions to work, clean up our communities, and open the door to a more fair and healthy future of opportunity for all. Now it’s up to the Senate.

    This is the moment we’ve been working for. We won’t have this chance again. The Build Back Better Act has to pass.

    We’ve all been fighting for so long to get here. We can’t let up at the final hurdle. Our future and our planet’s future is in the Senate’s hands.

    Tell your senators: Pass the strong Build Back Better Act we need to fight climate change and create a healthy and fair future for America.