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    All Americans Deserve Clean Water

    All Americans deserve clean water and a safe climate. End of story.

    But the Trump Administration doesn’t see it that way. The administration’s EPA wants to rewrite the rules on the Clean Water Act that protects our right to safe water.

    EPA’s goal? Fast-track the pipelines and energy projects driving the climate crisis and poisoning bodies of water across the US. No matter what it costs our families and our planet.

    What happens if EPA gets its way? More pipelines and coal terminals taking over tribal lands and communities of color that politicians forget. Native families and kids of color exposed to chemicals and a deepening climate crisis. All while energy companies make billions.

    We say no way.

    Join us in calling on EPA to leave the Clean Water Act alone. Because all Americans deserve clean water. And all Americans deserve a healthy future.


    Dear Administrator Wheeler,

    I’m writing to request that EPA leave the Clean Water Act untouched.

    All Americans have a right to clean and safe water. All Americans have a right to a healthy future without the looming threat of climate catastrophe. EPA’s proposed changes to the Clean Water Act would threaten these fundamental rights and expose thousands to chemical spills and pollution poisoning their water.

    Worst of all, this rule would all but surely mean those living with the worst of this pollution and suffering the greatest harm would be Native tribes, low-income families, and communities of color. This is injustice, pure and simple.

    Congress wrote the Clean Water Act to give tribes and states the power to protect their people from dangerous industry pollution. The agency’s proposal contravenes this intention and aims to rewrite the rules to benefit a few powerful corporations at the expense of the health of millions.

    EPA’s own mission is “To protect human health and environment.” We call on the agency to fulfill this mission and leave the Clean Water Act untouched, so all Americans can access safe water and look forward to a healthy future.