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    Deleting “Climate Change” won’t make the crisis disappear

    “The message they’re sending, particularly to young people, is that science doesn’t matter.”
    - Christine Todd Whitman, Former EPA chief under President George W. Bush

    Two years ago, in the spring of 2017, the US Environmental Protection Agency erased the words “climate change” widely across its website. Led by a longtime friend of fossil fuels, EPA’s goal was clear: Hide the climate crisis from us so the oil, coal, and gas companies most responsible for it could keep making billions.

    But making the words vanish didn’t make the crisis disappear. Temperatures kept rising. Hurricanes Irma, Maria, and Harvey inflicted billions in damage. Wildfires in California devoured thousands of homes and tragically took over 100 lives.

    We don’t hide from challenges. We've got to face these challenges head on. Together as a nation. We face them. Head-on. And that starts with looking reality straight in the face.

    Now it’s time for EPA to stop trying to hide the truth of how our climate is changing. How Big Polluters are behind this crisis. And how we can solve it with a just transition to clean energy.

    It’s time to tell EPA: Stop trying to hide the truth. Put the facts about climate change front and center on now.


    Seven out of 10 Americans know our climate is changing and want our government to act. We want to power our country with clean energy – not dirty fossil fuels. And we’re everywhere from rural Red State towns to big Blue State cities.

    As the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, you have a responsibility to protect human and environmental health. And that means not hiding the truth about the climate crisis.

    In 2017, EPA removed the climate change page and erased climate-related resources across its site. I demand that you stop censoring science on EPA’s site and provide Americans with the information we need to act on the climate crisis.