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    Tell EPA: Don’t Give Natural Gas a Pass on Methane

    We can’t afford to let EPA give natural gas a pass on methane.

    You know the climate changing danger of carbon dioxide. But methane traps 80 times more heat in our atmosphere for 20 years after being released.

    Much of this pollution comes from leaky natural gas pipelines and other facilities the industry won’t monitor or clean up.

    And all that methane in the atmosphere? It means more climate change, so storms get stronger, droughts go longer, and heatwaves grow deadlier right in front of our eyes.

    But instead of making the industry clean up its act, the Trump Administration’s EPA wants to get rid of rules requiring gas companies to check and clamp down on methane leaks.

    They get a pass to pollute. We get a climate crisis growing more dangerous by the day.

    We say no way. Join us in telling EPA to keep the rules regulating methane emissions that even BP America calls “the right thing to do for the planet.

    It’s our planet. Our future. And we won’t be silent.


    Dear Administrator Wheeler,

    I’m writing to oppose EPA’s new rule relaxing requirements for oil and gas companies to monitor and fix methane leaks from pipelines and other energy infrastructure.

    We know the world is fast approaching a tipping point on climate. Scientists warn that without huge cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, we could see cascades of heatwaves, droughts, storms and more forever transform the Earth and unleash unprecedented suffering on a global scale.

    We cannot afford to let more methane now leak into the atmosphere and accelerate the global warming driving this climate crisis and pushing the planet closer to catastrophe.

    Now is the time to tighten regulations on methane leaks – not relax them. Even several major fossil fuel companies agree the current regulations requiring the industry to clamp down on leaks are the right thing to do.

    Listen to the giants of the industry. Listen to the majority of Americans who want immediate action to slash emissions and confront the climate crisis head on. While we still can.

    Keep the current regulations on methane leaks intact and help us together create a safe and sustainable future for all Americans.