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    Tell Congress: Don’t Use COVID-19 to Bail Out Fossil Fuels

    For working Americans and their families, COVID-19 is an unmitigated catastrophe.

    For the fossil fuel industry, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Using the pandemic as cover, these companies want American taxpayers to bail them out for years of bad business decisions. And that’s just for starters. Naturally, the Trump Administration is happy to help.

    We say no way. Tell your members of Congress to stop the fossil fuel bailout by co-sponsoring and supporting the ReWIND Act (Resourcing Workforce Investments, Not Drilling Act - HR 6707 and S 3611). The act would help protect American workers and families at this critical time by preventing the administration from:

    • Bailing out its fossil fuel friends with CARES Act funds
    • Allowing these companies to use taxpayer funds to take care of Wall Street by paying old debts, not workers
    • Letting banks use recovery money to buy stakes in oil companies
    • Give away drilling rights on public lands in a time of record low oil prices
    • Give companies a free pass to drill on our lands without paying fair royalties

    Many oil, coal, and gas companies were struggling long before the pandemic hit, thanks to bad business decisions and a history of spending more on drilling than they make in proceeds.

    We shouldn’t bail out the industry fueling the climate crisis and poisoning our communities. Not with funds meant to help Americans get back on their feet. Not in the middle of a public health crisis. Not ever.

    Tell your members of Congress to stand up for workers and families and the planet we share by co-sponsoring the ReWIND Act today.