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    Tell Your State Department of Education: Climate Science Belongs in Schools

    The climate crisis will shape the world our children inherit. They deserve to know the truth – starting in the classroom.

    But in many US states and communities, climate deniers and lawmakers are teaming up to keep climate science out of our schools, leaving our kids unprepared and unequipped to thrive in a world of rising temperatures and rising seas.

    It can’t go on. Join us and tell your state’s department of education that rigorous, fact-based climate science instruction should be the norm in every K–12 classroom.

    We can’t let powerful interests deprive our children of the knowledge and skills they need to navigate a warming world and help build a better, more sustainable future. Tell your state department of education that you demand comprehensive, scientifically accurate, and standards-based climate science curriculums for K–12 instruction state-wide.

    When you fill out our form to the right, the letter below it will be sent to your state’s department of education, encouraging them to adopt rigorous, science-based K-12 climate education learning standards.