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Alexander Easdale (he/him)

Executive Director, Southeast Climate & Energy Network


Alexander Easdale is managing principal of Forging Alliances consulting firm, and the executive director of the Southeast Climate & Energy Network (SCEN), where he leads and manages a network of approximately 75 organizations across 11 Southeastern US states. Alexander was most recently associate campus director of Ana G. Mendez University System - South Florida Campus, where he helped manage the entire campus operation, including academic and student affairs, and community outreach. In his varied roles and as a consultant, Alexander has managed and built multiple stakeholder networks, raising more than $15 million for multiple initiatives and causes through donor cultivation and grant-writing activities. He is a college professor and seasoned presenter at conferences and training workshops on topics such as leadership, fundraising, organizational development, and networks management. Alexander has authored publications on international trade issues and has been featured in television interviews and newspaper articles on a variety of topics that include transnationalism, Latino participation in US politics, educational models, and opportunities.
Alexander Easdale (he/him)