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Alexandra Holland (she/her)

Vice Chair, Climate Reality Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter


Alex Holland (LMSW) is a trained Climate Reality Leader (2020) and vice chair of the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter of The Climate Reality Project. Coming from Texas, Alex is all-too aware of the problems presented by climate change and environmental pollution. As a social worker interested in public health, Alex studies how exposure to environmental harms, such as pollution and extreme heat, negatively affect community health outcomes, especially in low-income communities and communities of color. Alex’s work in her community has taught her to simultaneously pursue the questions like “What is happening that is causing injustice?” and “What do we do to change things for the better?”, and it is at the center of these two questions that Alex has found her work in climate action taking place. Alex is grateful for the connections built and friendships found in the Dallas-Ft. Worth chapter, and is inspired every day by the work being done by other environmental advocates around the world. During her free time, Alex can be found gardening, resuscitating her sourdough starter, and enjoying copious amounts of Food Network.
Alexandra Holland