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    January 24, 2014 | 8:00 AM

    Become One of Them

    There are some people who inspire us. Maybe it’s the way their speeches captivate you. Maybe it’s the breadth of work they’ve done to make the planet a better place. Or maybe it’s the chills you feel simply reading about their inspiring projects. There aren’t many people out there who can elicit these kinds of reactions. But when you attend a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training, you’ll be in the same room as some of the most inspiring leaders in the environmental movement. And you’ll learn to become one of them. We’re excited so many incredible speakers will be joining Climate Reality in Johannesburg from March 12-14 for our Africa training – and, we hope you’ll apply to be there too! Joining us will be:

    ∙ Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International, a leading environmental advocate

    ∙ Jonathan Deal and Ikal Angelei, both Goldman Environmental Prize recipients for their respective work against fracking in South Africa and fighting plans for a destructive dam in Kenya

    ∙ Wanjira Mathai, a longtime activist with the Green Belt Movement and project leader at the Wangari Maathai Institute

    ∙ Johan van den Berg, CEO of the South African Wind Energy Association

    And of course, Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore will take to the stage for the entire second day of the training. These amazing leaders are just a small sampling of the extraordinary people speaking at the Africa Training in Johannesburg. So, take the next step in your journey to effect real change. Apply to become a Climate Reality Leader today… and become one of those people who inspire us.

    Don’t wait any longer. Send in your application today.


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