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    August 17, 2017 | 12:09 PM

    Bring Climate Change into Focus: Show Us What the Crisis Means to You

    If you don’t know about Unsplash (and you should!), it’s an online library with more than 200,000 free, high-quality photos contributed by generous photographers from around the world. But don’t be intimidated – while the photos are captivating, most people who contribute their work are not professional photographers. They’re people just like you.

    ../Downloads/vlad-tchompalov-253548.jpgThis post (and Climate Reality’s website more generally) is full of images from Unsplash. Countless times, these photographers have helped us spread the word about climate change – that it’s real, that it’s happening, and that it’s solvable. And with the release of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, the conversation about climate action is sweeping across the globe again. Here’s your chance to contribute your photos to help confront this global problem.


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    Get behind the lens and show us what climate change looks like from your point of view. Submit your photos before August 24, 2017 at midnight ET and help us build a photo collection that shows the world: What does climate action mean to you?  


    And don’t forget – the story of the climate crisis isn’t all doom and gloom! It’s just as important to capture climate impacts as it is to show hopeful climate solutions.  Here’s some more inspiration to get you started.

    How to submit a photo:

    • Submit your photos that show us ways to take climate action. You may submit as many photos as you wish.
    • Submit a photo to Unsplash as normal but add “Climate Reality” to the photo story (its caption).
    • All photos must comply with Unsplash Photo Submission Guidelines. All photos on Unsplash are licensed under the Unsplash License, which means they can be used for anything for free.
    • All photos must be submitted by August 24, 2017, at midnight EST.

    Photo selection:

    • After you submit your photo, the Unsplash editorial team will review it for approval, based on the guidelines above. The photos that are approved will show up on the Climate Reality collection page.
    • Unsplash, with the help of the Climate Reality team, will select 10 featured photos from that collection. If your photo is selected, you’ll be notified by email and your photo will be featured on the Unsplash homepage.

    These 10 photographers will also be:

    • Featured in the Unsplash Curated email that gets sent to the Unsplash community.
    • Featured on the Unsplash homepage (which gets viewed more than the cover of the New York Times).
    • Featured on the Unsplash and Climate Reality Instagram accounts.
    • Rewarded with fancy prizes (with extra special ones for the top three photos).



    The Climate Reality Project