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    April 22, 2021 | 9:00 AM

    How to Double Your Impact This Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day!

    We don’t know about you, but we feel so full of hope today, seeing the world coming together on this day of action for our planet. But as our founder and chairman, former Vice President Al Gore always says, to make real change, every day must be Earth Day.

    Cutting global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and holding global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is no small task. It will take all of us, every day, keeping the pressure on our leaders.

    We’re heartened to see thousands of climate activists coming together online today for Day One of our Climate Reality Leadership Corps Virtual US Training. But our work is far from done. To change everything, we need everyone.

    We need your help to train even more grassroots leaders, expand our organizing footprint, and keep the pressure on key decision-makers at this important moment. And even with our Earth Day match live, we haven’t reached our critical goal.

    Today, while all gifts are still being generously doubled in a rare match opportunity, will you donate to continue powering the crucial work of solving the climate crisis?

    Over the next few weeks, our newly trained climate activists will learn the truth about the climate crisis and the solutions available today – and gain powerful tools to use while advocating for the change we so desperately need. They are absolutely vital to the fight to save our planet. But we cannot continue training new activists and building our ranks without the support of people like you, on critical days like this.

    For a limited time, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. With your support, we can train more leaders to give more presentations, write more letters to representatives, speak out at more town hall meetings, and pressure lawmakers to put more climate change solutions first.

    Now – while we still have the chance.

    Before You Go

    At Climate Reality, we work hard to create high-quality educational content like blogs, e-books, videos, and more to empower people all over the world to fight for climate solutions and stand together to drive the change we need. We are a nonprofit organization that believes there is hope in unity, and that together, we can build a safe, sustainable future.

    But we can't do it without your help.

    If you enjoyed what you’ve just read and would like to see more, please consider making a generous gift to support our ongoing work to fight climate denial and support solutions.