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    March 30, 2012 | 12:10 PM

    "I'm betting on the future"

    You know those perfect spring mornings? The mornings when the temperature is just right and the sky is a bright bluebird blue. Well, yesterday was one of those mornings here in Washington D.C. But yesterday morning was extra special.

    © 2010 Flickr/Lawrence Murray cc by 2.0

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to President Obama speak in the Rose Garden on oil and gas subsidies. I know, I know, this may sound like a boring, wonky topic, but the truth is, it couldn't be more important to our future and our climate. Every year we give billions of our hard-earned tax dollars to oil and gas companies that continue to pollute our planet even as we pay ever-higher prices at the pump. We pay high prices at the pump, while they receive billions in taxpayer dollars. The President couldn't have said it any better, "It's like hitting the American people twice." As the oil and gas companies double dip into our pocket books, the level of climate change causing carbon pollution in our atmosphere only grows. Extreme heat is fast becoming the new normal. Between March 13 and March 19 this year, more than 1,000 locations across North America set heat records. And its getting more and more expensive, the historic drought in Texas last year is set to cost the state over $7 billion dollars. Why should we be giving money to an industry that's been receiving subsidies out of our wallets while the climate is changing around us? Short answer: we shouldn't. As my colleague Ryan pointed out yesterday, the oil companies have never been more profitable. But it doesn't stop there. A top economist at the International Energy Agency estimates that if we eliminated fossil fuel subsides throughout the world, we'd remove as much carbon pollution as Germany emits annually every year by 2015. Ending these ancient subsidies would free up more investment for innovative clean energy technologies that slash carbon pollution and create jobs. Even on picture perfect days like this one, a clean energy future can seem far out. But as President Obama said, "I'm betting on the future."

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