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    April 25, 2018 | 9:19 AM

    Kids These Days: How the Next Generation Is Fighting for a Better World

    The internet is flush with articles about millennials and Generation Z killing everything from the beer industry to social media (“Millennials ruin everything, but it looks like Gen Z will be the ones to hurt Facebook”) to… fabric softener?

    If you’re to believe everything you read, young people are hopelessly addicted to their smartphones (“Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”) and Generation Z is apparently “money-minded” and “cutthroat.”

    But the reality is that young people care about civil rights and racial discrimination, jobs, and immigration. And we’re seriously impressed with what the youngest generations are doing to fight climate change. More than 91 percent of young people around the world agree that science has proven humans are responsible for climate change – in fact, climate change and the destruction of nature is their top concern three years running.

    Best of all, young people aren’t just worried about climate change. No, they’re taking action now. Read on to meet three young climate champions leading the way in their communities:

    1. Kehkashan Basu (Dubai)

    Born on World Environment Day, 17-year-old Kehkashan Basu was – by her own account – always destined to become an activist. Living in the heart of the oil industry in the United Arab Emirates, Basu founded her own organization, Green Hope, to inspire young people to act for the planet we share by planting trees to offset emissions.

    2. Haven Coleman (USA)

    Haven Coleman, a Climate Reality Leader from Colorado, is a young person working for a brighter world for her generation – and generations to follow. And she believes in speaking truth to power, not only confronting her climate denier congressman on his views but urging her local utility board to embrace renewables.

    3. Hasinah Binti Abas and Ahmad A/L Aman (Malaysia)

    Hasinah Binti Abas and Ahmad A/L Aman are just two of many Malaysian teenagers affected by their nation’s dependence on oil and gas. Follow their journey as Solar Academy students committed to solving Malaysia’s energy crisis by finding healthier energy sources.

    No Matter How Old You Are, You Can Make a Difference

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