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    December 20, 2011 | 9:12 AM

    "Less cold" doesn't mean "never cold"

    © 2005 Flickr/Jhayne CC BY 2.0

    A massive snowstorm is walloping parts of the southwestern and central U.S. this week. Cue the deniers, who are busily typing "So much for 'global warming'!'" on as many websites as possible.

    Since 1950, hot days have increased and cold days have decreased around the world. That means less snow, on average, for some regions. Take southern and central Canada, where the chances of a white Christmas have declined in recent decades.

    But as the authors of a recent study point out, cold weather is not "incompatible with the concept of global warming." Although the world is getting warmer overall, it is still a highly variable place. Think about the price of milk. If the average price increases a little bit, the lows won't be as low ... but they will still happen. Similarly, cold months will happen less often as the world warms, but they won't go away.

    Bundle up. It can get chilly out there. (And by the way, keep telling your elected officials to do something about global warming.)

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