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    April 01, 2015 | 3:59 PM

    Marching Forward to Climate Negotiations in Paris

    Ever wondered how Roger Clemens felt as he was about to throw the first pitch of the World Series? Or how Elizabeth Gilbert felt right before taking the stage for her legendary TED talk (today with 9.65 million views and counting)? Or – in another time and with the stakes much bigger – how the hundreds of thousands of protesters felt in 1963 heading to DC for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom?

    If you’re a climate activist looking ahead to the talks on a global deal to meaningfully limit emissions happening at the UN’s COP21 meeting in Paris, you’ve got an idea. After years of hard work and preparation, the decisive moment has arrived, the world is watching, and it’s time to deliver.

    What can you personally do? Building a powerful movement for change in Paris starts with spreading the word, and by becoming a Climate Reality Leader, you can learn how to share the truth about climate change and inspire action better than you ever thought possible.

    When you attend a training, you’ll learn from former Vice President Al Gore and other field leaders about the latest climate science and cutting-edge media, communications, and organizing strategies. You’ll emerge transformed, ready to activate your community and equipped with the knowledge, tools, and network to do it. Learn more.

    Want to learn more? Watch our webinar recording featuring program director Mario Molina and several Climate Reality Leaders discussing what you can expect from a training and sharing stories of their work in the field.

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