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    December 22, 2014 | 8:00 AM

    Nine Signs You’re Talking to a Climate Denier

    With the holiday season officially on in full force, one thing is inevitable – interacting with some of your more eccentric family members during dinners and gatherings. And in many families, there’s that one grizzled uncle or kooky cousin who “did his own research” and doesn’t agree with the 97 percent of climate scientists (and every national science academy) who confirm that climate change is happening thanks to human activity.

    Just as the Boy Scouts taught you, always be prepared: know what you’re getting into before you arrive at the next holiday get-together. You might not be able to convince your stubborn in-laws that climate change is real, but you can at least engage in a discussion on the scientific facts of global warming and stand up for what you believe in along the way.

    To help you identify who might be a climate denier and who’s just your run-of-the-mill wacky relative, we’ve put together a list of telltale signs, below.

    Then, once you’ve got your facts ready, help us continue standing up for science and demanding action from world leaders. Make a donation to The Climate Reality Project today.

    Nine Signs You’re Talking to a Climate Denier

    He or she:

    9. Doesn’t believe what experts with fancy degrees say or try to prove about anything. He or she just knows. Just knows.

    8. Is convinced scientists are just in it for the money. How would all those BMW dealers survive without them?

    7. Thinks if that, anyways, even if this global warming thing was real, it would just mean more CO2 for the plants and more days on the golf course.

    6. Confidently begins a sentence with “I’m not a scientist but . . . ”

    5. Tells you that $10 flu shot isn’t worth it when you can just go to the emergency room if you need to. Hell, vaccines are just a government conspiracy anyways.

    4. Talks about the good old days when men were men, American industry built the world, and businesses cared about the environment and could regulate themselves just fine. After all, just look at the Appalachian Mountains.

    3. Likes to tell the story about the first time he or she realized the Apollo 11 mission was staged.

    2.  Believes The Walking Dead is really just the reality television of the future. And when it happens, he or she’ll be ready. Not like those fat cats in their Teslas, you know.

    1. Believes “Fair and balanced” counts as truth in advertising.

    Now that you have a few potential climate deniers identified, what next? Be sure to brush up on your climate change facts, courtesy of Reality Drop. We’ve condensed real science into easy-to-understand summaries you can use to counter every tired old argument that climate deniers parrot. And that way, the only awkward conversations at the next holiday party will be when Grandma breaks out your middle-school yearbook photos again.


    [Photo: © 2009 stephenjohnbryde / Flickr cc by-nc-sa 2.0]

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