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    January 24, 2018 | 9:12 AM

    Reasons for Hope: Entrepreneurial Spirit Is a Renewable Resource (Video)

    If you want to understand how critical the business community will be in fighting climate change, just look at what’s happening in China. In the world’s second-largest economy – and largest greenhouse gas emitter – the sector is playing a major role in driving a shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy technologies like wind and solar.

    One of the young entrepreneurs at the heart of this energy revolution is He Yisha, a committed environmentalist who founded a company to manufacture solar panels and today leads two firms providing clean energy solutions to businesses around the world.

    Yisha founded Unisun in 2013 when she was only 25 years old. Five years later, she now chairs a company that trades on a global scale and employs more than 400 people. We shared this amazing story during our recent global broadcast, 24 Hours of Reality: Be the Voice of Reality.


    “We’re expanding overseas quite quickly,” Yisha told Climate Reality. “We have started operations in India, Australia, the Netherland, and Japan. The green energy systems we have built so far have directly or indirectly supplied [power to] more than 10 million households.”

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    Hosted by former US Vice President and Climate Reality Founder and Chairman Al Gore, 24 Hours of Reality is a star-studded, 24-hour live event focused on the climate crisis and its solutions. Be The Voice of Reality – our seventh-annual broadcast – explored the extraordinary climate activism happening all across the planet, encouraging the millions watching to use their voices to speak up for solutions, science, and truth at this decisive point in history.

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