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    February 05, 2016 | 6:00 AM

    Is Solar Energy Bad for the Economy? Here’s the Truth.

    But it’s time to set the record straight: just one renewable sector alone, solar energy, now employs three times more Americans than coal mining. So when it comes to what’s good and what’s bad for the economy, it’s clear where clean energy – and in particular, solar lies. And right now, solar is booming.

    Every week, Climate Reality runs a series on Twitter called #ClimateFact Saturday, where we make climate change and climate solutions simple, one fact at a time. Recently, we broke down The Solar Foundation’s 2015 National Solar Jobs Census. If you missed it, here’s a rundown of what happened on #ClimateFact Saturday while you hit snooze.



    More than 35,000 solar jobs were added since November 2014! The solar industry also tends to support local economies: 80 percent of solar installation firms report customers are within the same state.



    Solar jobs are growing at an incredible rate, but what’s truly remarkable is that they continue to be jobs that pay well.  For example, the median salary for a solar designer in the industry is about $27 per hour.  That’s about $54,000 per year, above the 2014 US overall median household income (about $53,000 per).



    If that’s not impressive enough, the number doesn’t account for the 610,650 support jobs through the solar supply chain. Solar is putting more and more Americans to work, and  even as solar power and technology keeps getting more and more affordable, it’s powering more and more American homes and businesses. According to Deutsche Bank, the cost of solar electricity per watt could fall another 40 percent in just the next two years.



    The solar industry employs Americans in all 50 US states! As the price of solar energy continues to plummet, the demand for solar power systems continues to grow, which puts more and more people to work.

    And this year looks bright: solar companies project to add a total of 30,000 new solar workers in 2016.

    Big Polluters Are Throwing Major Shade on Solar

    Who’s afraid of the sun? As corporate interests push back against rooftop solar in places like Nevada, it’s more apparent than ever that Big Polluters aren’t interested in the truth when it comes to clean energy. But you can fight back. Help spread the facts: download our Top Solar Myths e-book and learn how to debunk the most common misconceptions around solar power.


    You can also follow us on Twitter and join us every week for #ClimateFact Saturday, where we bring you the latest in climate science and solutions. 



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