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    June 26, 2018 | 10:24 AM

    Tweet by Tweet, Learn How to #LeadOnClimate

    Taking on the climate crisis is no easy task – between doomsday headlines and deniers repeating the same old myths everywhere, being a climate activist can be pretty daunting.

    But it’s an extremely important job, with the list of climate impacts from more frequent extreme weather events to higher rates of disease growing longer all the time. And we need all the help that we can get to beat this thing.

    That’s why we’re extremely inspired by those who fight the good fight. Companies and people from all walks of life – and from all over the globe – who are stepping up and taking some serious action..

    And we believe their stories can inspire others to do the same.

    >>> Should you become a Climate Reality Leader? <<<

    So we decided to hear from the climate champions themselves – and what better way to do that than to host a #LeadOnClimate Twitter chat?

    Businesses, activists, and environmental organizations from all over the world accepted our invitation and participated in the chat. But we were especially happy to see regular people chime in, like John Chambers from Ontario. After all, the only way we’re going to turn this crisis around is with everyone getting involved.

    During our chat, we asked what drives people to join the climate movement. We have to give it to “Climate Mama” for having the perfect answer.

    It’s not easy to be an activist in any field. So how does one even start to #LeadOnClimate?

    Our friends at the environmental justice organization Green for All reminded everyone that small actions can make a big difference. A simple letter to your legislator can go a long way to pressure political leaders to support renewable energy. (And there are other actions that you can take – even in your own backyard.)

    After taking the first steps to #LeadOnClimate, we promise the next ones will come easy and soon you’ll be running a marathon! A great example is Jamie Margolin, who took part in one of our Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainings and is now leading the Zero Hour youth climate march on July 21 in Washington, DC!

    Feeling inspired yet? We certainly are.

    If you’re ready to step up on climate, learn more about becoming a Climate Reality Leader. Spend three days working with former US Vice President Al Gore and world-renowned scientists and communicators to learn how you can help solve the climate crisis. Check it out now!

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