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Cassie Snow (she/her/hers)

Chapter Chair, The Climate Reality Project: Las Vegas Chapter Sustainability Manager, MGM Resorts International


Cassie's immense enthusiasm to make a positive impact on society is rooted in her lived experiences and the kindness she received through her upbringing. She feels extremely grateful to support programs surrounding food waste reduction and food recovery to reduce hunger in the community while simultaneously reducing environmental impacts on our planet as a sustainability manager at MGM Resorts International. Cassie advocates for robust, efficient, accessible, and affordable clean public transportation for all and believes this is essential to a truly sustainable future. As the chair of The Climate Reality Project: Las Vegas Chapter, she mentors and inspires action from over 100 volunteer climate activists that create meaningful impact through strategic partnerships with local and national community organizations. Cassie is passionate about finding climate solutions that not only mitigate the climate crisis but also help to uplift and empower individuals in our community and create a better quality of life for those typically unheard and underserved. Her mission is to contribute to building more thriving and resilient communities and environments.
Cassie Snow (she/her/hers)