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    We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again.
    Americans want clean energy.


    We can all agree our families should have clean air to breathe and a safe climate to live in. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designed the Clean Power Plan to do just that, making dirty power plants cut the dangerous emissions choking our air and changing our climate.  

    Now, that progress – and our climate – is under threat.  

    Backed by powerful oil, coal, and gas companies, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has proposed repealing America’s Clean Power Plan, which would allow these companies to keep polluting our air and destroying our climate – regardless of what it means for everyday citizens or our planet.  

    Add your name to support America’s Clean Power Plan that protects our planet, our wallets, and our health.

    Dear Administrator Pruitt,

    We strongly oppose repealing the Clean Power Plan.

    Poll after poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans want the government to confront the climate crisis head-on by shifting from dirty fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. When EPA proposed the Clean Power Plan, over 4.3 million Americans spoke up to support it.  

    The message couldn’t be any clearer: We want a clean energy economy.  

    The Clean Power Plan is an example of the federal government listening to the American people and taking action. By repealing it, we allow carbon pollution and toxic emissions from the power sector to continue driving climate change and causing health issues for the most vulnerable among us. And we compromise the continued growth of the booming clean energy and efficiency industry that already employs 2.8 million Americans – more than oil, coal, and gas combined.

    The Clean Power Plan lays out a legal system designed to be flexible, using legal precedent to offer power plants the option of fulfilling their goals by shifting generation to clean energy off-site. This is the most cost-effective and best way for utilities to reduce emissions by the level necessary to tackle the climate crisis.  

    A clean energy economy is good for our planet, our families, and our health. We strongly oppose repealing the Clean Power Plan and call on EPA to act on climate for the sake of all Americans.

    Sincerely, [Your Name Here]

    This comment period ended on April 26, 2018. Please visit Climate Reality's homepage for more ways you can take action.