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    The County Climate Coalition: Campaign Toolkit

    The climate clock is ticking. Temperatures keep rising. Storms keep getting stronger. And scientists say we’ve got to slash fossil fuel emissions by 2030 to avoid the worst.

    That’s why nearly 200 countries are working to cut emissions and fight climate change through the historic Paris Agreement. But now the Trump Administration won’t honor our commitments and wants the US out of the agreement altogether.

    The good news: We don’t need the White House to act. Through the County Climate Coalition, US county governments are stepping up to lead the climate fight and ensure the US keeps its Paris promises. Together, they’re bringing real climate solutions to communities from coast to coast and cutting emissions in a big way.

    What’s behind this movement? Everyday people like you. Americans who want a safe future for their families and for the Earth, pushing county governments to act now. If you’re ready to join them, read on.

    STOP! Before moving forward with any work or communication associated with the County Climate Coalition, including contacting county officials, we ask that you contact our dedicated campaign organizers through It is essential that we are aware of any county communication as we must ensure that we are in compliance with the laws in those counties and/or states. Additionally, we always ask that you thoroughly research your county, state, and city lobbying laws. It is important that you are certain you understand what constitutes lobbying in your jurisdiction. You should never attempt to register or report yourself, your chapter, or Climate Reality’s lobbying activity. Email if you have any questions about your city, county, and state laws.