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    Goal 1:

    Build a critical mass of public support for addressing climate change.



    We recruit, train, and mobilize activists to take on and win climate battles with national and global consequences.

    We start from the ground up, with a three-step strategy designed to build inclusive and powerful activist networks in the regions that have become key climate battlegrounds around the world.

    • Recruit: We combine digital outreach and on-the-ground events with our chapters, international branches, Climate Speakers Network, and global network of partners to make climate action a priority in key regions and for people across the planet.
    • Train: We bring together individuals from across the world to attend our in-person and virtual Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainings to learn about the climate impacts and solutions in their own backyards and how they can make a difference.
    • Mobilize: We organize Climate Reality Leaders, chapter activists, and members of the public to take on critical climate fights, from opposing petrochemicals to expanding clean energy access to strengthening federal emissions standards, to make a collective impact and a difference in their communities.

    The result: A growing number of committed activists winning high-profile victories in regions around the world and sending a clear message that the time for climate action is now and we can solve it together!