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    Goal 2:

    Strengthen national commitments to emissions reduction in 10 key countries and regions.


    International Branches

    Building support for a stronger Paris Agreement.

    With the IPCC warning of just a decade left to slash fossil fuel emissions and avoid climate catastrophe, we need leaders across the planet working together for more ambitious climate solutions and faster energy transition. And we need it now.

    How do we make this a reality? With activists on all continents pushing their leaders to act now, all together and all at once.

    This is where our 10 international branches and new presence in Japan come in. Our branches work as nerve centers for the global climate movement. Each branch mobilizes Climate Reality Leaders and other activists to press for climate solutions and keep the pressure on leaders in their country or region.

    At the same time, branches also work in tandem across time zones, coordinating efforts and together building planet-wide momentum for global action at this critical time.