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    • Added 522 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Launched the "Not On Our Soil" documentary series highlighting key communities fighting fossil fuels in South Africa.
    • Published 85-page report 'A Gendered Lens: Mainstreaming Gender into South Africa's Climate Change Response'
    • As part of the SinkOurCO2 campaign, launched an open letter calling on the African Development Bank to refuse financial services or capacity for coal, gas, or oil projects across the continent, delivering more than 6,000 signatures to the bank. Branch Manager Amy Giliam also served as a representative to the bank’s first annual Civil Society Committee meeting.  
    • Organized 12 waste clean-up and audit events across eight African countries, with over 250 participants. Results are being compiled into a waste-audit factsheet that will help Climate Leaders understand the situation in their own community and use this advocacy tool to hold authorities, corporations, and polluters accountable.


    • Added 447 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Finalized two small grants projects in conjunction with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. 
    • Helping facilitate a research project on adaptation and climate finance between host organization Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and First Nations Climate Reality Leaders. 
    • Helped Sports Environment Alliance deliver a state government professional development course drawing on “Truth in 10” for around 50 participants and exploring resilience, energy efficiency, and creatively exploring ways to mitigate and adapt.
    • Trained 122 Climate Reality Leaders on communicating their climate story, building on the Leadership Corps training by featuring Climate Reality Leader Rebecca Huntley’s book “How to Talk About Climate Change in a Way that Makes a Difference.”


    • Welcomed 631 new Climate Reality Leaders after the Global Trainings, and worked to restructure working groups, which connect Climate Reality Leaders working on each of our international program’s three global goals as well as communications.  
    • Held a series of workshops and meetings with state councils for climate change to continue working on state-level NDC implementation. Throughout the year, branch staff continued to work with subnational state councils for climate change in 15 states and hosted workshops and seminars in over 10 Brazilian states.
    • The branch’s Virtual Climate Learning Journeys program successfully reached hundreds of participants from eight different states. Trainees learn about the basics of climate change, emissions inventories, and carbon markets. Participants that complete the full learning journey are also able to replicate the programs on their own, resulting in a train-the-trainer model to increase climate literacy in Brazil. Program graduates also complete climate change projects in their communities with 11 project proposals submitted, focusing on issues such as sustainability, climate education, and natural solutions. 


    • Added 375 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Beginning a webinar series “From One Coast to the Others: Canada’s Regions Speak up on Climate,” hosted by Climate Reality Leaders. 
    • Onboarded four new lead mentors to their regional coordination program and continued to diversify their Regional Organizer program to help manage the Community Climate Hubs
    • Launched the National Climate League standings for 2020, an exercise in participative democracy that invites community members to collect data on various indicators contributing toward GHG mitigation and sustainability. The downloadable standings will be used by individuals as a lobbying tool to move their municipalities to net-zero emissions. The tool has already been downloaded by over 1,000 people.


    • Added 1074 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Launched successful Green Recovery campaign, urging governments to promote sustainable recovery plans from COVID-19 through social media, blog posts, and a webinar series.   
    • Worked on a WeMove petition signed by 363,000 European citizens. 
    • Sent an open letter signed by 500 Climate Reality Leaders to around 900 key EU and non-EU decision makers, including heads of government. 
    • High level Green Recovery webinar for 600 participants featuring Michael Bloss, member of European Parliament; Norbert Kurilla, advisor to the president of Slovakia; Molly Scott Cato, professor of green economics at University of Roehampton and former member of European Parliament. 
    • Focused efforts in Kosovo, a country that is not a signatory of the Paris Agreement but is heavily dependent on coal. Coordinated signature of an open letter sent to various decisionmakers in the UN and across the continent. Hosted a webinar reaching over 3,000 Kosovans presenting “Truth in 10” and discussing the importance of the Paris Agreement in Kosovo. 
    • In Polish Silesia, organized workshops with Silesia Climate Movement and other stakeholders, held a roundtable and workshop for journalists in Warsaw, and presented proposals to the Polish Senate, all focused on the importance of dialogue and a transparent, just transition. 
    • Advised on the draft Kyiv EcoStrategy 2030 and organized a workshop to share and discuss t comments. The proposals are now under public consultation and will later be presented to the Kyiv Parliament.
    • After putting together a series of just transition goals for the Upper Silesia region of Poland, Climate Reality Leaders contributed to national and regional parliament debates, published several articles, and partnered with Youth Climate Strike to promote these goals. Our Polish Team is now working to further empower the community for participating in the public consultations of the draft Territorial Just Transition Plan, which will be the basis for the distribution of the European Union JT funds in the region.


    • Added 445 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Successfully trained more than 750 teachers on climate education.
    • Hosted three online rainwater harvesting (RWH) trainings for over 250 practicing professionals and student groups.
    • Worked with TV18, a major Indian media company and CNN affiliate, on a rainwater harvesting campaign that featured messages from Vice President Gore and other celebrities, resulting in more than 100,000 pledges of support for rainwater harvesting and water usage commitments.  
    • Partnered with Jaipur Global Shapers Hub to organize a 21 Days of Green Living Challenge, with231 registrants taking nearly 600 sustainable living actions at home.
    • Hosted a podcast training for 23 journalists in the Himalayan region of North India, where participants were trained both on the science of climate change as well as the basics of podcast production. Staff remain in touch with these journalists to share opportunities to cover regionally relevant climate news.


    • Added 207 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Organized an international climate crisis communication workshop with 400 registrants and 30 speakers from across the globe. Sessions focused on the state of global crisis communication, civic engagement, storytelling, and more. 
    • Organized the first Digital Youth Camp for Climate Crisis for 100 participants aged 18-25, focused on the global food system as a solution to the climate crisis.
    • Continued development of a Flood Risk Reduction Workshop curriculum, creating guidelines on disaster resilience and risk management, checklists, and other workshop materials for when safe in-person gatherings can resume.


    • Added 927 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Trained 3,000 government officials from all 32 departments in Colombia as part of the Territorios Empoderados program on the importance of climate science, impacts, and solutions. 
    • Won a UK PACT Grant to implement a project on decarbonization pathways for 16 departments in Colombia, focusing on those with the highest emissions levels. 
    •  Facilitated two global climate simulations using Climate Interactive’s C-Roads simulator with 48 participants from 16 countries, training 105 Climate Reality Leaders to host simulations in their communities.  
    • Worked to expand the availability of information about climate change in Latin America, working with partner Eureka to train journalists and share the truth about climate change and bring about collective solutions. The partnership led to 36 published articles that reached nearly 1,000,000 people.


    • Added 641 new Climate Reality Leaders.
    • Launched the KLIMATOTOHANAN weekly webcast led by Climate Reality Leaders and focusing on various relevant and timely climate change issues. 
    • In partnership with the Mobility Awards (which seeks to liberate the 88% of households in Metro Manila that don’t own cars) and others, produced a series of media and webinars on active mobility featuring Climate Reality Leaders. 
    • The branch and key Climate Reality Leaders participated in the Second Multi-stakeholder Consultations on the Philippines NDC hosted by the Department of Finance and the Climate Change Commission. Thirteen Climate Reality Leaders delivered policy recommendations considered in the NDC draft submitted to the president, covering areas such nature-based solutions, infrastructure projects, and transport and energy sector modernization