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    At The Climate Reality Project, our mission is to catalyze a global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society.

    In 2020, we saw that mission challenged like never before. Like organizations and people across the planet, we saw our lives and work turned upside down by COVID. We watched the pandemic turn a million-watt spotlight on the inequities and injustice at the heart of societies everywhere, as rising infections and economic collapse hit poor families and many communities of color with a devastating one-two punch.

    Then came the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, sparking a reckoning on racial justice that spread all around the world. It was a time to speak out for justice. It was also a time to look in the mirror as an organization. To face some painful truths about how we’ve fallen short and failed our staff, our friends, and our supporters.

    Our challenge was to face this moment with eyes and ears wide open. To listen to the voices in the streets and in our organization. To confront our mistakes and begin to learn from them. To adapt our work to the changing reality around us.

    And we did. When the pandemic forced us to cancel the five in-person Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainings we had planned, we got creative and developed a new digital training program that saw us train over 9,700 new Leaders and grow our global activist network nearly 50% in one year alone.

    When health concerns shut down large-scale planned get-out-the-vote events, we took our organizing online and mobilized COVID-safe voter registration efforts, with a special focus on BIPOC communities and young people long underrepresented in US elections and government.

    With the world working through online meetings, we recalibrated our signature 24 Hours of Reality initiative to be a day of digital conversations on the climate, justice, and COVID crises shaping our moment and exploring how together we can build a more equitable and healthy future for all.  

    The list goes on. Yes, our challenges are immense. Yes, our history as an organization is imperfect and we have a ways to go to fully live our ideals. But we are committed to the work. To building a new kind of climate movement shaped and led by communities of color, Indigenous voices, and other historically marginalized peoples too long ignored. To working together to solve the climate crisis and create the just and sustainable world we want.

    This is that story.