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    Los Angeles, CA

    The Los Angeles, CA Chapter is a highly motivated group of everyday people: teachers, students, scientists, activists, artists, storytellers, and more. Their all-volunteer army is dedicated to educating and informing their community about climate change, activating around solutions, and championing the transition to clean, renewable energy, resulting in a safe, just, equitable, and sustainable world. The chapter was formed in 2017, grew significantly following the 2018 Los Angeles training, and is now one of the largest and most engaged chapters in the country. The chapter houses over a dozen action committees covering a wide range of topics, and, in 2019, spearheaded the groundbreaking initiative that drove the Los Angeles Unified School District to pass a resolution to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy. They welcome all Angelenos to learn more about what they’re up to (via their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and website) and join them in this fight.

    Chapter Co-Chairs: Tara Barauskas and Andy Hattala


    Orange County, CA

    The Orange County, CA Chapter is a supportive and welcoming community of all ages sharing a deep concern for our planet. Our mission is to empower a sustainable Orange County and motivate local individuals and communities to take effective climate action. The chapter formed following the Climate Reality Leadership Corps: Los Angeles training in 2018. And, in a little over a year, the chapter membership has grown from 50 initial members to over 150 chapter members including 50 trained Climate Reality Leaders. The chapter’s local action stems from giving presentations, tabling at local events, and connecting with other climate groups and businesses in the area. Whatever your skills, if you live in Orange County California and are committed to making our planet a cleaner, more sustainable and more just home for all creatures, there is a place for you here. Learn more on our website

    Chapter Leadership:
    Linda Kraemer (Co-Chair)
    Margo Finlayson (Co-Chair)
    Tristan Mansey (Vice Chair)
    Patty Yoo (Vice Chair)


    Riverside County

    The Riverside County, CA Chapter is a shared leadership, action- oriented, and growing chapter. Our mission is “through climate education, clean energy campaigns, community events, and coalition building, we will build knowledge, and mobilize positive change and unity around the climate issues. We are building a large and diverse chapter of climate advocates working to empower people, organizations and communities to create responsible environmental stewardship and renewable energy transitions throughout Riverside County in an inclusive and unifying manner. Currently we are focused in the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley areas, but we are looking forward to expanding our work throughout all of Riverside County as we grow and evolve. The chapter’s current focus is on creating local action projects, education, giving presentations, and coalition building with other climate groups and businesses in the area. We are a diverse chapter and open to whoever wants to share their experience and energy in leadership or any of our action committees! We are thrilled as we move forward in new and exciting ways in reaching our goals locally and ultimately globally to create a cleaner, more sustainable world for our mother earth, future generations of all species on this beautiful blue planet! 

    Chapter leadership team:
    Mark Accomando (Chapter Chair)
    Justina Velasco (Leadership Committee, Social Media Promotion)
    David Marrett (Leadership Committee, Chapter Liaison)
    Justin Lowery (Leadership Committee. Secretary and Support)
    Richard Noble (100% Committed™ campaign)

    Social Media


    Sacramento, CA

    The Sacramento, CA Chapter began following the Los Angeles Training in 2018, with a group of five individuals interested in moving the needle in their own backyard. Since their inception, the chapter has worked to create collaborative partnerships with other environmental groups in the Sacramento area, and are currently working to push climate action and accountability at the local county level. We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership:
    Martha Turner and Kaveena Mathi (Co-Chairs)
    Amara Cairns (Chapter Operations Committee Lead)
    Bart  Croes (Policy and State Liaison Committee Lead)
    Steve Shaffer and David Weightman (Education Committee Leads)

    Social Media: 


    San Diego, CA

    The Climate Reality Project: San Diego, CA Chapter began following the Los Angeles training in 2018, with a group of five individuals interested in educating our local communities and working with other local climate change organizations. Since the beginning, the chapter has presented over 100 times for local schools, colleges, community organizations, libraries, and places of worship. They have developed great working relationships with at least 15 other climate change organizations and several of the other Climate Reality chapters in California. They have lots of plans and ideas for what they are going to do next and are always looking for more. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved! Check out their website to learn more.

    Chapter Leadership:
    Cherry Robinson (Chapter Chair)
    Scott Murrey (Leadership Committee)
    Lori Mendez (Leadership Committee)
    Rose Hanscom (Leadership Committee)
    Mathew Cooney (Leadership Committee)


    San Fernando Valley, CA

    The San Fernando Valley, CA Chapter is a welcoming and dedicated group of Climate Reality Leaders and chapter members from the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles, California region. The chapter began in December 2018, following the Climate Reality training in Los Angeles, with a group of nine individuals determined to bring climate work to their local community. Since its inception, the chapter has achieved important wins, such as enlisting Los Angeles County to join the County Climate Coalition, upholding the Paris Accord (COP21) goals of limiting greenhouse gases. In September 2019, the chapter hosted a Global Youth Strike, which brought together over 300 people from the San Fernando Valley and neighboring districts. In addition to making a contribution to community education by offering Climate Reality presentations, the chapter is currently pursuing a vigorous legislative campaign at the city and state level. The chapter is always looking for opportunities to support civic engagement initiatives and provide ongoing learning to their members. Topics of interest to our chapter range ranging from composting to re-generative agriculture to zero waste, and so much more! This is an action-oriented chapter. If you'd like to connect with a dynamic group and perhaps roll up your sleeves and get involved in climate work, even as we meet virtually, there is a place for you in the San Fernando Valley, CA Chapter.

    Chapter Leadership:
    Diana Weynand (Chapter Chair)
    Kim Latour (Vice Chair)
    Vivian Deutsch (Outreach Coordinator)
    Sean Carlin (Member Mentoring)
    Kathy Schaeffer (Legislative Coordinator)
    Judy Glass (Environmental Justice Coordinator)
    Malcolm Orrall (Educational Coordinator)
    Kristy Pace (Partners and Engagement Coordinator)
    Tara Sitser (Admin Coordinator)
    Terry Saucier (Sustainability Advocate)
    Kim Neistadt (Treasurer)
    Andy Hattala (Zero Waste Advocate)
    Sharon Undersma (Digital Communications) 


    San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    The San Francisco Bay Area, CA Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from the greater San Francisco Bay Area region in California.  Since its founding in 2017, by Climate Reality Project‘s Green Ring Awardees and Emeritus Chairs, Wei-Tai Kwok and Steve Richard, the Bay Area chapter has focused on promoting climate action and climate justice in the region, with a specific focus on pushing local and state governments to adopt clean transportation, building electrification programs, and advancing the Climate Reality Project's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) initiative, to bring frontline communities to the forefront of the climate crisis. With 1100 members, the Bay Area chapter is one of the largest Climate Reality Project chapters. Its active teams engage in policy action, alliances, climate justice, youth climate action, and business engagement, as well as localized efforts at the county level to advocate for measures such as building electrification and electric vehicle adoption. The chapter has an active presence online with many events, speakers, workshops, and other engagement opportunities, and aligned partnerships with regional groups such as Sierra Club for larger events and combined advocacy influence.

    Chapter Leadership:

    Teron McGrew and Harriet Harvey-Horn (Co-Chairs)

    Social handles:

    Facebook: Climate Reality Bay Area
    LinkedIn: climate-reality-bay-area-chapter
    Twitter: @ClimateArea


    Santa Barbara, CA

    The Climate Reality Project: Santa Barbara, CA Chapter, began in 2018 with a small group of individuals who had completed the Los Angeles Climate Reality Leadership Corps training and wanted to save the world. We quickly realized that we also wanted to enjoy the company of like-minded people!  We meet once every two months, with three of our meetings involving a social gathering. Our chapter rallies with several other excellent groups to advocate for clean, green energy and beneficial environmental decisions in our community.  We are currently also developing a California legislative support program to get more involved in state programs and initiatives.  We have worked with schools to adopt climate change resolutions, encouraged green alternatives at restaurants, presented educational programs, had rousing participation in the annual California Clean Air Challenge, and have diverted hundreds of pounds of plastic films to a plastic recycler. We are coming out of a pandemic hiatus, and are working to define our strategic plan for the new year based on member interests. Join our group - we are looking forward to meeting you and hearing how you’d like to work with us to make the world a healthier and more beautiful place!

    Chapter Leadership:
    Brigitta Van Der Raay (Chair)
    Christine DeVries, Ellen Hunter, Kathi King (Leadership Committee)


    Silicon Valley, CA 

    The Silicon Valley, CA chapter takes our name to heart with a focus on innovative ways to educate and to encourage member and community climate defense actions. Our diverse chapter is filled with members from all walks of life who apply creative approaches to climate problem solving. The chapter’s campaigns and programs currently include the Speakers Bureau focused on educating the community about climate change issues and solutions. The Decarbonization Action team focused on emission reduction in the built environment, transportation, and the development of strategies that encourage green job growth.  And the decarbonization team also continues to work on reach code adoption and support for our local CCA 100 percent renewable energy portfolios. The Communications team develops a Climate Reality recognized best-in-class monthly newsletter, action alerts, social media, opinion editorials, letters to the editor, and chapter marketing outreach to the community. The Arctic Restoration Campaign encourages rapid research for solutions to slow Arctic and tundra warming along with other “Black Swan” event risks. Our Membership team emphasizes new member on-boarding interaction that encourages chapter member activism. This is an exciting time to be active in the Silicon Valley chapter as we continue to expand our effectiveness with high impact actions. We hold monthly meetings that often feature expert speakers on diverse subjects from best practices for legislative advocacy, regenerative agriculture to the green job economy. And we closely partner with other climate organizations to maximize our impact, a local climate book club and with climate leaders in our region and in California. Join our chapter to let your voice be heard and develop long-lasting bonds with like-minded people. We look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and supporting how you’d like to help solve the climate crisis.

    Chapter Leaderships
    Karen Nelson and Charlotte Bear: Chapter Co-Chairs
    Tobe Okpala and Campbell Scott: Speakers Bureau Co-Directors
    Deborah Warner: Communications Director
    Erin Zimmerman: OpEd, Team Lead
    Nat Civ: Social Media Team Leader
    Karen Nelson: Decarbonization Action Campaign (includes Our Climate Moment) Director
    Gary Latshaw: Arctic and Black Swan Events Campaign Director


    University of California, Davis: Campus Corps Chapter

    The University of California, Davis: Campus Corps Chapter is a dedicated group of student climate activists taking action on campus. This Campus Corps chapter has made significant progress in its campaigns, doing incredibly things like giving presentations to elementary school students, advocating for a climate champion university president, and hosting weekly digital events for climate education. These students know what is at stake and are ready to fight for their future! We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If you also attend University of California, Davis, be sure to opt-in!

    Chapter Chair: Megan Phelps
    Chapter Website:


    University of California, San Diego: Campus Corps Chapter

    The University of California, San Diego: Campus Corps Chapter was started by a group of dedicated individuals following the July 2020 Global Training. We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership:
    Kristiana Chan (Chair)
    Sarah Lippmann (Leadership Committee)
    Janhavi Kulkarni (Leadership Committee)


    Ventura County, CA

    The Ventura County, CA Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from Southern California. The chapter began in January 2019 following a number of individuals becoming Climate Reality Leaders at the Los Angeles training in 2018. Since its inception, the chapter has been working on getting its act together, and we are still working on it, but are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together! If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership:
    Kristofer Young (Chair)
    Jan Dietrick (Vice-chair)
    Kathleen Wheeler (Vice-chair)
    Kat Selm (Vice-chair)
    Don Price (Vice-chair)