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    Boca Raton, FL

    The Boca Raton, FL Chapter services north Broward and south Palm Beach counties. Currently, the chapter is focused on climate change education, moving the community towards a 100 percent renewable electricity commitment, environmental justice, increasing awareness about electric vehicles.  Check us out on Facebook and send us a note about what aspects of climate change interest you the most. Then, join us and help us move the needle in south Florida! 

    Chapter Leadership: Holly Lichtenfeld and Susan Steinhauser (Chapter Co-Chairs)

    Chapter Social Media:


    Central Florida

    The Central Florida Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from Orlando and surrounding areas. Following the Denver training in 2017, five individuals interested in moving the needle in their own backyard started the chapter. Since their inception, the chapter has focused on a variety of campaigns from supporting local environmental justice coalitions to coordinating presentations about the impacts of coal ash on their community. We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership: M Vanderhorst


    Daytona Beach Area, FL

    The Climate Reality Project: Daytona Beach Area FL Chapter formed in September 2020 and is committed to environmental, economic, and racial justice for all, built on a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusivity. This small but mighty group is making an impact in many ways. Their initiatives include involvement in The Climate Reality Project’s 100% Committed and Our Climate Moment TM campaigns. 

    In 2021, the Daytona Beach Area FL Chapter rolled out its flagship initiative, “More Trees Less Trash”. Working with the Florida Forest Service, the initiative seeks to expand chapter membership while educating and engaging people. The initiative leads community actions which include identifying and safely removing invasive plant species, trash clean-ups, and tree seedling giveaways to those who participate in the actions. 

    The Daytona Beach Area FL Chapter seeks to partner with other environmental groups, area schools, and other civic groups to provide tree seedlings to plant and nurture with the aim of raising up future climate justice leaders, bringing shade to urban areas, and helping lower temperatures in urban neighborhoods naturally, all while restoring habitat and mitigating the effects of climate disruption.

    Chapter Chair: Kat Paro


    Gainesville Area, FL

    The Gainesville Area, FL Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from North Central Florida. The chapter began following the October 2017 training in Pittsburgh, with a group of five individuals dedicated to finding solutions to the climate crisis. Through many presentations and events, the chapter has realized increased community awareness of the impacts of climate change, and has educated many area residents on how they can be part of the solution. The chapter has established collaborations with other environmental groups including the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Committee and the Sierra Club. The chapter is currently targeting Alachua County, as well as neighboring counties, to join the County Climate Coalition. They are also working on the 100% Committed campaign targeting businesses and local governments to commit to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

    Chapter Leadership:
    Deborah Scheuer (Chair)
    Bob Tancig and Roberta Gastmeyer (Campaigns Co-Chairs)
    Alex Lucas (Marketing and Communications)
    Susan Nugent (Presentations)


    Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Chapter

    The Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Chapters recently merged during Spring of 2021 to form the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Chapter! Focused on creating awareness about environmental issues, this chapter also strives to work with the community in an effort to create a better world for all. South Florida combines the grassy swamps of the Everglades with the beautiful Atlantic coastlines to create a unique and spectacular landscape which this chapter hopes to protect.

    Chapter Leadership: Remuna Beca, Andy Chabassol, Juan Quintero, and Karl Brent


    Lee County, FL

    The Lee County, FL Chapter seeks to mitigate the effects of global climate change, and to promote the 100% Committed™ solar energy campaign throughout our county starting with Sanibel, a city known for its leadership on sustainability issues. We seek to address environmental and racial justice to help our area experience justice and environmental progress. We focus on community education and practical actions related to renewable energy and climate change policy locally, regionally and statewide. Our chapter serves a very broad area. Lee County includes 14 cities. Current membership is currently primarily from Sanibel and Captiva; Ft. Myers; Estero, Cape Coral, and Pine Island.  We are a diverse group of people who seek to educate, promote, and enact change for the future of our magnificent environment and communities here in Florida. Our chapter members meet monthly to collaborate on local projects and to further our education and community building. We started our chapter in the spring of 2019 with in-person meetings, but have been on Zoom for many months now. Our goals include growing our chapter membership and to having inclusive participation by our members in all aspects of the work. We also work to promote 24 Hours of Reality annually through presentations and articles. Until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we attended many local events where we tabled and did presentations and passed out literature all over our county, and plan to do that again this year after COVID-19. We strive to bring issues of climate change; environmental justice and sustainable living into the public conversations in our area through presentations; newspaper articles; working  groups; and collaboration with other organizations such as CCL, Pachamama Alliance, Calusa Water Keepers, Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, the Reset Center and the Climate Action Team in Ft. Myers, as well as the Conservancy of SW Florida and their Growing Climate Solutions initiative. Living in Florida presents unique challenges due to our adversarial political leadership to all things climate change and other aspects of justice. For this reason, we have individuals committed to alerting our membership about pending legislation that can set back or enhance  the goals of clean, renewable energy; racial justice and environmental justice.

    Chapter Leadership:
    Ariel Hoover (Chapter Chair)
    Bob Moore (100% Committed™ Chair)
    Tami Renkoski (Presentations Chair)
    Alessia Leathers (Our Climate Moment™ Chair)
    Tom Bierma (Southwest Florida Regional Resiliency Compact Chapter Chair)



    Manasota, FL

    The Manasota, FL Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from Manatee and Sarasota Counties in Florida. The chapter began as a spin off from the Greater Tampa Bay Chapter, with a group of five individuals interested in moving the needle in their own backyard. The chapter is currently running Climate Reality’s 100% Committed campaign in coalition with the Sierra Club, targeting the city of Sarasota and beginning work with Sarasota County. In Manatee County, the chapter is also working in coalition with the Sierra Club and Manatee Clean Energy Alliance (MCEA) to get Manatee city and county to commit to the transition to 100 percent renewable. The chapter helped the MCEA get the local school board to adopt sustainable building standards for new school construction. They are currently working with academics and other leaders on producing a documentary on lessons that COVID-19 might teach us as we continue to move forward dealing with the local impacts of climate change on counties. The chapter is also working with other organizations on civic engagement education.

    Chapter Co-Chairs: Michael Russcol and Gary Farner


    Northeast Florida

    The Climate Reality Project: Northeast Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. The chapter began following the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Atlanta, with a group of five individuals interested in moving the needle in their own backyard. Since their inception, the chapter has achieved countless wins including hosting an event with over 12 organizations present, in order to unify climate groups. The chapter is currently running the 100% Committed campaign. We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership: Abbe Moody and Pascal Rathle


    Pinellas County, FL

    The Pinellas County, FL Chapter was formed in May 2019 when the former Greater Tampa Bay Chapter was divided into three new chapters designed to better serve the area. Pinellas County is a peninsula separating the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, and is particularly vulnerable to the challenges posed by a changing global climate. As a new chapter, they have concentrated on efforts to increase visibility to residents, county, and city government, and other groups of climate activists. Although COVID-19 has forced the chapter to postpone their first public meeting indefinitely, they are now directing their climate efforts to digital media. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership:
    Ed Dye (Chair)
    Richard Hallmark (Leadership Committee)
    Gabriella Da Silva (Leadership Committee)
    Annajane Lowe (Leadership Committee)
    Mark Skogman (Leadership Committee)

    Social Media:


    The University of Miami: Campus Corps Chapter

    The University of Miami: Campus Corps Chapter is a dedicated group of student climate activists taking action on campus. This Campus Corps chapter has made significant progress in its divestment campaign, including gaining hundreds of petition signatures from the student body. These students know what is at stake and are ready to fight for their future! We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If you also attend University of Miami, be sure to opt-in!

    Chapter Co-Chairs: Brian Baker and Luke Arends
    Chapter Website: