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    Austin Area, TX

    The Austin Area, TX Chapter began in November 2017 with a group of five individuals interested in moving the needle in their own backyard, and has since grown to a dedicated group of climate activists. Since their inception, the chapter has focused on building relationships with climate activists in the Austin community, and educating others on the climate crisis. Learn more about the Austin Area, TX Chapter at 

    Chapter Leadership:
    Charles Thatcher 


    Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

    The Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Chapter was chartered in September of 2017 by a group of five Climate Reality Leaders who were trained at the Houston and Denver trainings. The chapter’s mission is to build a mass movement in support of urgent action on the climate crisis with a focus on north Texas. The chapter doubled in size and in diversity of our membership in 2020. At the start of 2021, the chapter has 102 trained Climate Leaders and an additional 106 public members. We have become one of the most active chapters in the region. In 2020 alone, chapter members gave over 160 public presentations (most of them virtual, of course) and logged over 1300 Acts of Leadership in spite of the pandemic shutdown. Our work on the writing of the City of Dallas’ Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP) via our seat on the Stakeholders Advisory Committee was rewarded by the passage of the plan by Dallas City Council in May. One of our biggest changes during 2020 was the formation of local working groups modeled on the working groups on the Hub. These groups have allowed like-minded chapter members to organize around specific issues or specific communities in which they wish to be active. This has led to much greater involvement by many members, and we anticipate that even more groups will emerge. We follow here the Jemez Principles emphasizing “bottom-up” organizing. You can find descriptions of our groups on the chapter website. In 2020, we also anticipate the formation of “local groups” in cities and town all across the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. These groups will facilitate taking action at the city, county and state levels. We expect to be very engaged with Climate Reality campaigns including 100% Committed™, petrochemical opposition, and Our Climate Moment™.  With virtual trainings again planned for 2021, we anticipate continuing to grow and expand the reach of our activism. If you live anywhere in north Texas, we invite you to join us.

    Chapter Leadership

    Li-Ya Mar, Chair (
    Simon Rook & Alex Holland, Vice Chairs
    Roger Knudson, Education & Training
    Brittany Baum, Secretary
    Richard Wayne & Dominique Gerardo, Event
    Jeff Lu, Membership
    Ryan Hamilton, Publicity
    Alex Holland, Social
    Pradeep Vundela, Tech & Website
    Jayashree Prasad-Sinha, Treasurer


    Houston, TX

    The Houston, TX Chapter was formed in 2017 by a dedicated group of climate activists. Since their formation, the chapter has worked to educate the Houston community on the climate crisis through giving presentations, particularly focused on educating businesses to operate more sustainably and take climate action. We’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next. If this is your local chapter, be sure to get involved!

    Chapter Leadership: Dean Barone


    San Antonio, TX

    The Climate Reality Project: San Antonio, TX Chapter is a dedicated group of climate activists hailing from San Antonio, Texas. The chapter is in its infancy, but many local groups have expressed interests in partnering with the chapter, including the Sierra Club, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and Texas Resolution Project. Currently, the chapter is gathering ideas for combined projects, presentation opportunities, and civic engagement. Since the chapter started in March 2020, they have held two virtual meetings to discuss the future of the chapter, and also invited a guest speaker who presented to the city's Climate Action And Adaptation (CAAP) team members. The chapter is hoping for many exciting projects with new participants in upcoming months.

    Chapter Chair: Darshana Gupte