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    Why Join a Chapter

    Simon Aron

    Simon Aron

    Former LA Youth Committee Co-Chair

    "Almost a year ago I reached out to my local Climate Reality chapter, and before I knew it I was talking to our co-chair about launching something new and exciting: the Green Schools Campaign. Through my work in the chapter I made connections and learned skills that I would not have found anywhere else. It was the start of my journey in to activism, and I hope it will be the start of yours too."


    Dr. Jairo H. Garcia

    Atlanta, GA Chapter Co-Chair

    “As I learned about the devastating impacts of climate change to the planet, I was in a search for a supportive group where I could share my worries and my hopes. I was blessed to find the Climate Reality family, which I consider the best of humanity. I don't feel alone anymore. The Climate Reality Project brings us together - from scientists to community organizers, people of faith, conscious politicians, and even regular individuals - so we can tackle the monster of climate change, and with it, we are building a better future for us, for our children, and for the children of our children.”


    Tina Katsanos

    Charlotte, NC Chapter Chair

    “After I was trained, I joined the Charlotte, NC chapter and became super active. I am currently the chair of the Charlotte chapter and I am proud of the efforts we have engaged in, especially in conjunction with other local environmental groups. This work is a reason for living. We have formed invaluable alliances with other groups in Charlotte and have garnered respect for The Climate Reality Project in Charlotte, NC. The educational resources provided to us by The Climate Reality Project have been key to our success and for that I am grateful.”