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    Why Join a Chapter

    Gregory Simpson


    Member, The Climate Reality Project: Hudson Valley and Catskills, NY Chapter

    "Working in diverse teams of passionate climate leaders in religion, business, politics, and activism across different Climate Reality Chapters allows you to hear the challenges others are facing. For me, this provides the starting point for creating meaningful climate change solutions in the communities I serve."

    Wei Tai Kwok

    Wei-Tai Kwok

    Co-Chair, The Climate Reality Project: Bay Area Chapter

    “At every chapter meeting, I discover like-minded climate solutions advocates and innovative ideas for communication and engagement. I learn and get inspired by every gathering.”

    Donna Thompson


    Chair, The Climate Reality Project: Tacoma, WA Chapter

    “I’m excited to be working on climate in my own community. The movement may be worldwide, but real change is happening in our cities and our states, and it’s great to be a part of that.”