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    Climate Injustice by the Numbers

    Systemic racism puts
    people of color in the
    path of pollution
    • Approximately 68% of Black Americans live within 30 miles of a coal fired power plant
    • Black Americans are 75% more likely than others to live near hazardous waste facilities.
    • In 46 US states, people of color live with more air pollution than Whites.
    People of color are
    paying the price
    of discrimination
    The climate crisis also hits
    poor families and people of color the hardest
    • Research projects that unmitigated climate change will make the poor poorer in the US.
    • Black Americans living in neighborhoods with few trees and more pavement suffer the most from climate-fueled heatwaves.
    • Low-wage agricultural and construction workers – predominantly Mexican and Central American immigrants – are suffering increasing severe heat-related illness and deaths.
    The same inequity
    is true
    Communities of color are leading the fight to end pollution and climate change.