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    We all know fossil fuels are causing a climate crisis around the world. But not everyone knows what this means for us. For our families. For our communities. Or what we can do to solve it.

    The Climate Speakers Network (CSN) is here to help.

    We train leaders from faith, minority, and low-income communities across the US to bring this global challenge down to street level – and bring the reality of climate change home to the people in their lives.

    We also train young change-makers in the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers program to lead their communities in working together for practical climate solutions.

    Join us for a CSN training and you’ll learn how to connect big-picture science and solutions with the everyday lives of your constituents or congregation. Most important, you’ll learn how to turn awareness into action and inspire your community to fight for a healthy and sustainable future – around the world and around the block.