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    Strategic Partnerships brings The Climate Reality Project's message directly to members of the public. By identifying, recruiting and activating non-profit, business, academic, association, and entertainment industry partners in short and long-term relationships, we create new and innovative pathways to communicate and engage with targeted audiences.

    The Strategic Partnerships team, acting as a force-multiplier, advances the cause of The Climate Reality Project by bringing the organization’s message directly to members of the public through partnerships and relationships to provide opportunities for direct, effective action.  

    We are actively working to:  

    • Build awareness around multiple Climate Reality and coalition campaigns.
    • Engage partners in concrete actions that inspire change and further grassroots participation.
    • Network and extend the reach of Climate Reality into other organizations through speaking opportunities and gatherings of key communities.
    • Create and deliver events, information and tools to bolster Climate Reality campaigns and excite prospective partners
    • Nurture existing partnerships and solidify new ones.