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    Pricing Pollution: Tell your leaders you want carbon pricing


    Every new year seems to arrive on the heels of another unfortunate climate record set. And 2017’s was among the most startling: Climate-related and other natural disasters caused a staggering $306 billion in total damages in the US, making 2017 by far the most expensive year on record for disasters in the country.

    When cities flood, farms go dry, or wildfires tear through forests and communities, the recovery is often long and costly – with taxpayers footing much of the bill. And that doesn’t include medical bills, which fall squarely on the shoulders of the injured and their families.

    But even as many spend years rebuilding their lives after climate-exacerbated events, the companies responsible for much of the carbon pollution driving them aren’t the ones picking up the tab – despite them being among the wealthiest, most profitable firms on the planet.

    The ones causing the climate crisis should be the ones paying for it. We demand that America’s leaders put a price on carbon emissions and invest in clean energy for our future. Show your support by signing the pledge to support carbon pricing in your state.