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    100% Committed
    Renewable Electricity Roadmap


    With climate change threatening our planet and our way of life, mountain communities and winter sports businesses worldwide are taking action and becoming 100% Committed to renewable electricity. Join us and join the movement that’s saving the season and snow we love.

    Climate Change: The New Reality

    If you dream of powder turns, work in the winter-sports industry, or live in a mountain town, you don’t need to watch the news to see the reality of climate change. Many days, you just need a quick look at the snow report or the company balance sheet. Sometimes all it takes is a glance out the window.

    With 15 of the 16 hottest years on record coming this century and snow becoming scarcer and less predictable in many places around the world, it’s clear our climate is changing. And with low snowfall years costing ski resorts and companies an estimated $1 billion in potential revenue and at least 13,000 American jobs from 1999—2010 alone, as well as costing farms precious water, it’s clear what climate change could mean for the snow that fuels our dreams and feeds our families.

    We used to ask what’s happening to our climate. Today, it’s time to ask what we can do about it.

    The Future Is Renewable: 100% Committed

    Today, the good news is that businesses, governments, and communities of all sizes that love the cold are taking their future into their own hands. They’re moving away from the dirty fossil fuels driving climate change and committing to shift to 100-percent clean, renewable electricity. They’re committing to working for a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future for our planet – and they’re committing to doing their part.

    You can too. Join Climate Reality’s I AM PRO SNOW program and 100% Committed campaign and pledge to helping your business, resort, or community shift to 100-percent clean electricity.

    Making the shift to 100-percent renewable electricity is easier than you think, and we’re here to help show you how. Plus, along with cutting dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the places and seasons we love, switching to clean electricity from sources like wind and solar has a host of other benefits.

    100% Committed Businesses

    • Stand apart with a reputation for innovation, values-driven operations, and forward-looking leadership.
    • Align themselves with the core values and personal principles of growing numbers of consumers, fostering strong brand loyalty, expanding revenue opportunities, and turning customers into passionate advocates.
    • Save money on energy costs by hedging against volatile fuel prices.

    100% Committed Communities

    • Create rewarding, high-paying jobs and increase local economic growth
    • Build a reputation for protecting a way of life and the businesses that depend on it.
    • Become known as exciting, forward-looking places to live and work in the twenty-first century, attracting sought-after businesses and citizens and building thriving twenty-first century economies.
    • Create healthier and happier places to live and work, with a decreased chance of bad air days and a reduced impact on our climate.