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FAQS for the Power Up Training: From Acts to Action

Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training
Power Up Training: From Acts to Action | April 2023  



When is the Power Up Training: From Acts to Action training taking place?

The Power Up Training: From Acts to Action online training platform will be open between April 6 and April 20. There will be two live broadcasts to tune in to on April 11 from 7:00-9:15 PM ET and April 13 from 7:00-8:45 PM ET, as well as tons of interactive and on-demand content to fit your schedule!

How do I join the virtual Power Up Training: From Acts to Action training?

  1. Register using this form.
  2. Add to your trusted senders list so you don’t miss any important training updates!
  3. Confirm your participation: Be on the lookout for an email from Climate Reality closer to the training asking you to confirm you can still join us. We know plans change and want to be sure we have an accurate participant roster to give you a great and personalized training experience.

Who can attend this training? Do I have to be a policymaker?

This training is open to anyone aged 13+ in the US who is interested in learning more about the many clean energy incentives and funding opportunities in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure laws.

The training is open to anyone – you don’t need to be a policymaker! The training is designed to help individuals and families, state and local elected officials, community leaders, small business owners, grassroots activists, and anyone else interested in taking advantage of the incredible incentives and funding opportunities in the IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Minors between the ages of 13 and 18 may register with consent from a parent or guardian.

What does the training consist of?

The training features two required broadcast sessions that will air on April 11 from 7:00-9:15 PM ET and April 13 from 7:00-8:45 PM ET. The broadcasts are an opportunity to hear from Vice President Al Gore, who will first present a broad overview of the IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure laws, and later speak with key players on  their design and implementation. After each broadcast, optional interactive sessions will provide the opportunity for attendees to meet to discuss the broadcast and network. 

On-demand video sessions will be available throughout the duration of the training, from April 6 to April 20.  These on-demand sessions will feature overviews of both laws and the benefits they offer, the environmental and climate justice provisions in each, and ways to take full advantage of the incentives and funding available.

The training will also include numerous issue panels, including:

  • High-level conversations with representatives from across government agencies, interest groups, and related sectors.
  • Skill-building sessions to help you access funding and other opportunities in the laws
  • Lightning talks from federal officials detailing how the laws will benefit a wide range of families, communities, and sectors.

Additional interactive sessions will happen between April 10 and April 16. Interactive sessions allow you to connect and engage with other trainees. You'll be able to review the interactive sessions schedule once you have access to the training website. While these are not required for certification, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to connect.

Do I need to participate in the entire training?

In order to complete the training and become a certified Climate Reality Leader, you must be able to commit to completing the required training components. Required components will be clearly marked, and trainees will be able to track their own progress. These requirements include orientation videos, two live broadcast sessions, two issue panels, two skill-building sessions, and three lightning talk videos. We estimate the training will take between six and eight hours to complete, but most learning can be done at your convenience over the span of two weeks.

Will I be able to access the training content after the event is over?

All on-demand sessions and handouts will be available on the training platform through April 20 when the platform closes. If you finish the training requirements, you will become a Climate Reality Leader and get full access to Reality Hub, The Climate Reality Project’s exclusive online community platform for Climate Reality Leaders. Some of the on-demand sessions and materials from the training, along with the slideshows presented by Mr. Gore, will be available on Reality Hub or on our website after the training.

Why is this training beneficial to me?

The IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure Laws offer tremendous grants, tax incentives, and other funding opportunities to a wide range of individuals, businesses, and communities, but it’s not always easy to know exactly which opportunities can help you (or your community) and  how you can access them.

Power Up Training: From Acts to Action is here to help. We'll spell out which parts of these laws can benefit you and how to take full advantage of the historic opportunities on offer.

You'll hear directly from policymakers and subject matter-experts on the provisions in both the IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. You will not only gain a deeper understanding of both laws, but also insight into the process of accessing federal grants and related tax credits. Whether you're an individual, small business leader, community activist, or local elected official, this training will offer you the resources needed to take advantage of the funding provisions in the IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Following the training, you will also have access to an extensive network of thousands of trained Climate Reality Leaders, the opportunity to join a local US Chapter, and a direct pathway to engage with Our Climate Moment: From Acts to Action, Climate Reality’s newest campaign to unlock the full potential of the IRA.

How will I access the training and live sessions?

The training takes place on a custom-built website. A few days prior to the training, you’ll receive log-in credentials to access the site, which offers everything you need to complete the training, including live broadcast sessions, links to interactive  group discussions, and more. It’s all in one place for your convenience – no need to track your own Zoom links or calendar apps!

What languages will the virtual training be conducted in?

The Power Up Training: From Acts to Action will primarily be conducted in English with English closed captioning. Some sessions will include Spanish captions and American Sign Language interpretation.

What technology do I need to participate in the training?

The training will be hosted on a website and will be accessible from any internet-enabled device: computer, tablet, mobile device, etc. Some optional interactive sessions will take place on Zoom, so your device will need a working microphone and camera for you to participate. As the training is web-based, you will need access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection. The minimum internet speed is at least 1.5 megabits per second download.

Many local libraries, community centers, and coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi service if needed.

Will closed captioning be available?

All broadcasts and recorded video sessions will have English closed captioning, while some sessions will also include Spanish captions and American Sign Language interpretation. Please contact Jessa at with questions about accessibility at the training.

How are minors able to participate in the training?

You must be at least 13 years of age and reside in the United States to be eligible to participate in the training and become a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Trainees under the age of 18 require permission from a parent or legal guardian and must provide the parent or guardian’s name and contact information during registration. Parents or guardians will be sent the Climate Reality Leadership Corps agreement to review and sign on behalf of the minor prior to the training.

What type of training is this?

This training will be a Power Up Training, focused specifically on the climate provisions of the IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure laws with content geared toward individuals already familiar with the reality of climate change. The training will also provide more specific opportunities for IRA implementation through Our Climate Moment: From Acts to Action.

Can I attend this virtual training if I am already a Climate Reality Leader?

Yes, absolutely! This training is designed to be both an entry point for folks new to Climate Reality or new to the climate space and for those who have already been trained as Leaders or are otherwise experienced in the climate sector. Anyone who is interested in benefiting from or taking action around this important climate legislation is welcome.

What sort of networking opportunities will there be during the virtual training?

There will be live networking opportunities to connect with your fellow trainees across the US through the online platform. You’ll be able to meet with fellow trainees to discuss the IRA and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law legislation and brainstorm ways to engage with these laws in your local communities.

What support will Climate Reality offer after the training to implEment this climate legislation?

Following this training, the Climate Reality Project will be launching Our Climate Moment: From Acts to Action, an ambitious grassroots campaign to maximize the effectiveness of the IRA. Our Power Up Training: From Acts to Action will mobilize volunteers across the country to educate their communities on the clean energy tax credits that every individual, household, and organization is entitled to under the new law, as well as connect them to partners who can help them through the process of accessing those benefits. After completing the training, you’ll be added to the training group on Reality Hub, the online community for Climate Reality Leaders, where you can access resources and connect and collaborate with other trained Leaders. We need YOU to join Power Up Training: From Acts to Action to make it a success and maximize the decarbonatization and social health benefits that the IRA is capable of!

Where can I learn about other Climate Reality programs and initiatives?

There are many ways to be involved with Climate Reality! After completing the Power Up Training: From Acts to Action, you’ll join nearly 45,000 other trained Leaders in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps on Reality Hub, our online community platform where you can connect with changemakers. You can also get involved in your community by joining your local chapter, where you’ll connect with other Leaders through grassroots advocacy, coalition work, and ongoing education. If there is not a chapter serving your local area, we encourage newly trained Climate Leaders to start a chapter with the support of Climate Reality staff. Learn more about our chapters program or how you can start a chapter here.

 Can I still go to an in-person training if I go to an online one?

Space is more limited for in-person trainings, so you would need to apply to attend. However, you may still apply to attend one even if you have attended a virtual training in the past. A separate registration or application is needed for each training you would like to attend. Sign up for our email list to learn when our trainings are announced. We also encourage those who have already been trained as Climate Reality Leaders to apply to serve as mentors. To request the mentor application, please send an email to