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    This is our moment.

    With a new president and a new Congress, we have the chance to think big and act boldly. To confront the climate crisis threatening our future. To get workers and families devastated by the pandemic back on their feet. To finally face the racial injustice destroying dreams and lives across the country.

    We can’t afford to waste it.

    Join us in calling on President Biden and Congress to make the first 100 days of this new administration historic for climate action. Action to solve the climate crisis, put millions to work in good green jobs, and rebuild our nation with a just, green recovery.

    Tell President Biden and Congress to act in the first 100 days on climate action and a just recovery for America focused on five priorities:

    • A Just Transition to Clean Energy: Set the nation on the path to reaching 100 percent clean electricity by 2035.

    • Zero-Carbon Transportation: Invest in the vehicles and public transportation that get us from A to B without polluting our air or destroying our planet.

    • Climate Justice and Public Health: Aggressively address the pollution hotspots killing Americans right now and ensure we all have clean air, safe water, and a healthy community to live in.

    • Building Green Communities: Bring affordable renewable energy and climate-smart homes to all Americans, with priority for low-income families and frontline communities. 
    • International Leadership: Re-enter the Paris Agreement with an ambitious commitment to climate action and bring nations together to accelerate a global just transition.

    Because it’s not just about stopping rising temperatures. It’s about creating millions of jobs and healthy, sustainable communities all across the country. It’s about building a just and equitable future of opportunity for all Americans.

    It starts with climate action in the first 100 days. Act now.