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    Tell Your Senators: Protect Our Right to Vote

    The Constitution guarantees us the basic right to vote and choose our government. No matter who we are, where we come from, what we look like, or who we vote for.

    But today, that sacred right is under threat like never before. In 2021, partisan politicians  more concerned with protecting their power than protecting democracy passed dangerous laws restricting access to voting in at least 19 states. Even worse, this year, partisans are introducing bills giving political figures the power to interfere with or simply reject election results they don’t like.

    The threat couldn’t be clearer – but there is hope. The Senate can stop these bills in their tracks and protect voting rights for all Americans by passing the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Act.

    This is our break-glass moment for democracy. Take action today and tell your senators: Do whatever it takes to protect our right to vote. Pass the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Act now.