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    An Instrument for Change

    Music moves us. It moves us to tears, to joyous exultations, and now, it moves us to act on the greatest challenge of our lifetime.

    Built from a pine tree killed by bark beetles – like billions more in forests around the world -- the Guitar of Reality is a symbol of creative renewal, our ability to transform negative experience into something positive and uplifting. Just like great music turns the pain of heartbreak into beautiful songs that bring us together, this special guitar turns the destruction of climate disruption into an instrument for inspiring action. Created with our partners Jack Johnson and Brushfire Records, the Guitar of Reality means that now audiences worldwide don’t just see climate change happening—they can hear it too.

    "The Guitar of Reality" with Jack Johnson

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    Can music move you to take action on climate change? Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson has a unique way of helping people hear the changes they are seeing in a warming world.

    On Tour with the Guitar of Reality

    The Guitar of Reality was born from a collaboration between The Climate Reality Project, singer songwriter Jack Johnson, and Brushfire Records. Upon finishing his 2013 studio album From Here to Now to You, Johnson set off on tour with the Guitar of Reality and helped spread the climate message to audiences across the world by talking to them about where the guitar came from and what it stands for.  

    Climate change to me is the biggest issue that our generation is up against. - Jack Johnson Singer-songwriter

    The Guitar of Reality - The Scientist

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    A little bug is causing big problems for one of North America's iconic trees. Professor Jeff Mitton explains how climate change is giving this beetle a dangerous boost.

    The number of trees that have been killed – no one doubts that it’s in the billions. - Prof. Jeff Mitton Professor of Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado

    The Guitar of Reality - The Guitar Maker

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    A tree falls in the forest. Now it's making a new sound. Guitar builder Pepe Romero describes how he's turned something once considered dead into something with a happy life.

    Using a guitar to spread a message is a beautiful thing. - Pepe Romero Jr. Luthier Guitar Maker

    "Ones and Zeros" - Jack Johnson & The Guitar of Reality

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    Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, Brushfire Records, and The Climate Reality Project have teamed up to create The Guitar of Reality. Jack performs "Ones and Zeros" with this special instrument to send a message about our warming world.


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