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    Solar is Here

    The solutions to the climate crisis are available today; we simply need the public will to implement them.

    Clean energy is urgently necessary, abundant, and increasingly affordable. That’s why on the longest day of the year, June 21, The Climate Reality Project joined Mosaic, Organizing for Action, and 10 other organizations in a day of action to support clean-energy solutions and show our commitment to bringing solar power to communities around the world.

    Affordable. Clean. Powerful.

    The cost of solar panels has plummeted 60 percent since early 2011 and the number of installations keeps growing nationwide. The United States now has enough installed solar capacity to power more than 2.2 million homes. In several states, solar power is now competitive with other sources of energy without emitting the dangerous greenhouse gases that cause climate change.


    What You Can Do

    SIGN Send President Obama an email thanking him for putting solar on the White House. Take this action
    The Sky's the Limit

    All across America there are opportunities to #PutSolarOnIt – to turn our homes, our churches, our schools, our lands, and our neighborhood rooftops into solutions to climate change. 


    What You Can Do

    SHARE Take your own #PutSolarOnIt photo and share it with your social media network. Take this action
    Get Involved with Solar

    Solar energy is a win-win solution to climate change that creates jobs, saves money, and reduces carbon pollution. June 21 was our national day of action to #PutSolarOnIt. If you still want to take action and support the cause, here’s how:


    What You Can Do

    DISCOVER Go to the Mosaic website to find out if solar is right for you. Take this action


    What You Can Do

    PUT SOLAR ON IT Support solar on a place near you with Mosaic Places. Take this action