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Jane Patton (she/her)

Campaign Manager for Plastics & Petrochemicals, Center for International Environmental Law; Co-founder, No Waste Louisiana


As the campaign manager for Plastics & Petrochemicals at Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Jane serves as the focal point for CIEL’s cross-program portfolio of work to protect human rights and the environment from the life cycle impacts of plastic. She also co-coordinates the global civil society and rightsholders coalition participating in the UN plastics treaty negotiations.

Since 2011, Jane has been working with communities to address inequality and increase justice through organizing for safer environments, better schools, and greater self-determination. Initially focusing on primary and secondary education, she supported and lead school-based data systems teams in her home state of Louisiana until 2016. During that time, she co-founded No Waste Louisiana to support community-driven systems of reuse, refill, and repair, organizing with local groups to resist the onslaught of petrochemical development. In 2016, Jane transitioned full-time to environmental campaign and coalition-building work, serving as the managing director of Plastic Pollution Coalition before moving to support and lead corporate campaigns, organizing projects, and policy work as part of the Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) movement.
Jane Patton (she/her)