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Miguel Alatorre Jr. (he/him/his)

Community Organizer and Policy Advocate, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice


Miguel Alatorre is a community organizer and policy advocate for Greenaction, focusing on health and environmental justice. Miguel is a third generation environmental activist who has been involved since he was a child in numerous battles against pollution and injustice in the San Joaquin Valley farmworker town of Kettleman City, California, where he has lived his whole life. Miguel helped found and mentor two Kettleman City youth groups Kids Protecting our Planet (KPOP) and Youth-Protecting our Planet (YPOP), and he is currently leading the Kettleman City Youth Environmental Justice Leadership Academy. Miguel is Greenaction’s lead organizer on our campaigns to bring clean drinking water to Kettleman City, reduce diesel truck emissions and pesticide drift from agricultural fields in the town, and oppose new permits for the infamous Chemical Waste Management Kettleman Hills hazardous waste and PCB landfill – the largest such facility in the western US. Miguel is leading Greenaction’s effort to bring together Kettleman City youth and adults to start an organic community garden in his town, where the closest grocery store is over 30 miles away. Miguel is a local and state leader in engaging state agencies to comply with civil rights laws and to change their policies to stop polluters from ruining the health of residents in the Central Valley and across the state.
Miguel Alatorre