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    May 23, 2017 | 9:02 AM

    Statement From Ken Berlin, President and Ceo of the Climate Reality Project, on President Trump’s Proposed Budget

    Ken Berlin, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, released the following statement on President Trump’s proposed budget.

    “President Trump’s proposed budget is economically irresponsible and environmentally disastrous. The budget claims to consider ‘America First,’ but in fact does the opposite. It endangers Americans by eviscerating the Environmental Protection Agency, crippling the institution charged with protecting their health and safety. It harms our competitiveness abroad by cutting off all funding for Department of Energy programs critical to driving American innovation. And it undermines our country’s credibility abroad and hampers our chances at a climate-safe future by ignoring the commitments we’ve already made to the Green Climate Fund and Strategic Climate Fund.

    “Despite President Trump’s reckless budget, however, we know that American businesses, cities, universities, communities and elected leaders from across the political spectrum and around the country will continue to harness the economic and political momentum behind clean energy. We at Climate Reality are proud to continue working with those who oppose this budget and who support a healthy, safe and prosperous future for all.”

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