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    Help spread the word. Every share matters.

    Every action matters.

    Every individual is powerful. Millions acting together are unstoppable.

    At The Climate Reality Project, we’re leading a global revolution that’s 3.5 million strong – and growing. We’re working to build a cleaner, healthier future, and it’s in our reach. But it’s going to take all of us acting together to compel our friends and our leaders to make this happen. With every video watched, petition signed, and presentation given, we’re inspiring more people with ideas and solutions to get us all closer to the future we want.

    We created the Progress Pulse on this website to show the difference one person can make. The Progress Pulse tracks the actions you and every other supporter take on the site. We all act as individuals, but our actions add up and create powerful momentum for change.

    There are countless ways in which people around the world are working to build a clean-energy future. The Progress Pulse provides a partial – but critical – measure of this success.



    Get Smart

    Every time someone learns more about the reality of climate change through one of our videos, blog posts, or interactive experiences, they become a part of the solution. By getting up to speed on the latest information, you can become a catalyst for change.  


    Get Loud

    A voice is a powerful weapon in the fight for a better future. Using your voice helps others find theirs, amplifying our message until it’s too loud to ignore. Add your voice to the movement today.


    Get Active

    Every movement is driven by a core group of committed people who donate their time and energy to take us forward. Without these people, there is no progress. You can help us create a better future powered by clean energy. Take action today.


    What You Can Do

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