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Seoul Climate Reality Leadership Training

Make a difference on climate change.

Join former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project in Seoul this August and learn how the Republic of Korea can fight climate change and successfully transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.


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The Republic of Korea's remarkable rapid development has earned it international recognition as one of the most dynamic and innovative countries on the planet. Now, facing the urgent threat of climate change, South Korea has the chance to write a new chapter in this incredible story, showing the world what it means to be a global leader on climate and successfully transition a powerhouse economy from fossil fuels to renewables.

To seize this moment, former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project are hosting a Leadership Training in August for young people, business leaders, government representatives, and others interested in working to help South Korea become more sustainable and transition to renewable energy.

Join the Climate Reality Leadership Community of nearly 50,000 advocates by attending the training to receive an overview of national climate science, impacts, and solutions, while also highlighting current climate policies and offering exciting opportunities for advocacy.

The training will be offered in Korean and English and will explore a range of themes including:

  • A just transition to renewables that's fair for all.
  • Why the climate crisis is a human rights issue.
  • How a strong commitment to net zero can help South Korea boost competitiveness and create jobs.



Mountain standing over Seoul, South Korea, with a city scape behind a pink tree

This is a specialized two-day training designed to bring together young people and others in civil society, business leaders, and government officials to inspire collective action. It also offers a chance to make meaningful connections with an incredible group of change-makers, who can serve as key collaborators in the months and years to come as part of the global Climate Reality Leadership Community.

This training offers attendees:

  • Best-in-Class Climate Communications. Learn directly from Nobel Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore about climate science, local impacts, and solutions, with a special focus on South Korea. After the training, you can use his powerful presentation to spread awareness on climate science and solutions within your networks.
  • Compelling Content. A packed two-day agenda of issue panels, capacity-building workshops, networking, and much more. Panels will explore a wide range of issues, including government’s role in ensuring a just transition from fossil fuels and how businesses can grow their sustainability practices. Community Building. Meet and learn from climate advocates across sectors during networking sessions and receptions. You'll have the chance to become a part of the broader climate advocacy network in South Korea and join a global network of fellow Climate Reality Leaders.
  • Powerful Skills and Tools. Build the communications and organizing skills to share the truth of the climate crisis and inspire action.


City Scape of Seoul, South Korea
  • Young people interested in growing a wider network of connections across sectors, building support for existing campaigns, or developing new climate advocacy skills.
  • Educators seeking the most up-to-date climate science to bring back to their classrooms and communities and inspire action.
  • Business leaders from both small and medium enterprises, as well as from larger corporations, looking to root out greenwashing and strengthen their sustainability commitments.
  • Local or state government officials and civil servants eager to explore ways to drive a just transition to renewable energy.

Attendees become Climate Reality Leaders by attending the Training, joining a network of nearly 50,000 advocates in 190 countries around the world.