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    Spotlight On: Don’t Be Fooled - 10 Key Facts on Climate and Justice

    With climate misinformation so widespread, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. But we can’t be fooled. In order to fight the climate crisis effectively and advocate for equitable solutions, we have to understand how climate change really impacts people and our planet.

    That’s why on April 1 at 12 PM ET, Climate Reality is excited to host Spotlight On: Don’t Be Fooled - 10 Key Facts on Climate and Justice. Join us as four members of the Climate Reality team dispel misconceptions about climate science, environmental and climate justice, and policy.

    Webinar speakers include:

    • Chris Gaynor, northeast regional organizer, Engagement Team
    • Greg Jones, senior science advisor, Science and Solutions Team
    • Ryan Towell, science and solutions director, Science and Solutions Team
    • Kelsey Evans, international program manager, International Program

    Together, we will learn the facts we need to be effective advocates for climate solutions based in science, equity, and justice.

    The registration period for this webinar has closed.