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    Our Climate Moment™
    Let’s Get to Work

    This is our moment.

    With supportive federal leadership, we have the chance to think big and act boldly. To confront the climate crisis threatening our future. To get workers and families devastated by the pandemic back on their feet. To finally face the racial injustice destroying dreams and lives across the country.

    Ready to get started? The Our Climate Moment™ campaign is mobilizing activists like you across the United States to make Congress and the Biden Administration act quickly on targeted policy solutions. Join a Climate Reality chapter near you to get involved.

    This is our climate moment – and we can’t afford to waste it. As for making Congress act? That’s up to us. So, let’s get to work.

    Our Five Pillars

    We have one main focus – achieve a just, green recovery for all Americans, and we’re prioritizing these five areas of work to help us get there.

    Together, we’ll uphold pressure on federal officials to take bold climate action, work in coalition with fellow environmental advocacy groups to advance our collective goals, and make sure all of our voices are head in demanding a cleaner, greener future.


    This is our moment because...

    “We now have federal leadership reuniting our republic around the critically important targets of real climate change responses, racial/social equity, and environmental justice, for future generations, So as Climate Reality leaders, we have a target rich environment, regardless of when/where we'd like to participate.” – Jeffery Jackson, North Carolina

    “There is still time to save the planet and with it, ourselves - but only if we act swiftly and with determination.” – Jody Berman, Florida

    “For the first time we have a president who has designated climate action as one of the key priorities for immediate action along with dealing with COVID-19, racial injustice, and a lagging economy.” – Thomas Hirasuna, New York

    “The clock is ticking. It's now or never!” – Natalie Pien, Virginia


    Join your chapter

    Join your chapter: Across the country, everyday Americans are joining Climate Reality chapters and working together to take meaningful action from the local to the federal levels. Chapters are essential in making campaigns like Our Climate Moment™ come to life. Chapters provide you with a network of like-minded volunteers that are determined to making real change by influencing federal policy, relationship building, and digital decisionmaker meetings. Join your local chapter today.

    Download our Toolkit

    Want to run the campaign? Download the full campaign toolkit to get started on this campaign! Want further guidance? Join your local chapter or email us at

    Become a trained Climate Reality Leader

    Join us at one of our 2021 Virtual Trainings! The first of these trainings with be the Virtual US Training, centering federal climate action in the United States, and connecting YOU with fellow climate activists from across the country. Following the training, you will be equipped to take meaningful climate action in your own community, and globally, alongside a network of over 31,000 trained Climate Reality Leaders.