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Opposing Petrochemicals in the Ohio River Valley


For years, fossil fuels have shaped the Ohio River Valley, with pipelines, petrochemical plants, and more pumping climate-changing emissions into the atmosphere and dangerous chemicals into the air and water of our communities.

Despite this past, we believe there's a better future ahead for the Ohio River Valley. We're here to help build it.

Campaign Background

With an abundance of resources, a history of extractive industries, and a highly skilled workforce, the Ohio River Valley – stretching from Pennsylvania to West Virginia to Ohio – has become one of largest producers of natural gas in the US as well as a huge source of methane emissions.

Thanks to the explosion of unconventional hydraulic fracturing – fracking – for natural gas and the petrochemical products manufactured from them, the region has become a key battleground for climate progress and environmental justice. And with the future of natural gas uncertain in a warming world, the industry is racing to protect its profits by expanding petrochemical production across the Ohio River Valley.

At Climate Reality, we say no way.

Since 2017, we've been working to support communities pushing back against fossil fuel and petrochemical facilities and infrastructure. The same history that drew the oil and gas industry to the Ohio River Valley, though, has primed this region to support sustainable economic development opportunities for its communities and workforce. We work to advance equitable, climate-friendly solutions that put people ahead of corporate profit. Because we all deserve to live in healthy, pollution-free communities.

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