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    With seas rising, global heat records falling, and storms becoming more and more devastating, the reality of the climate crisis has never been clearer. But with clean energy solutions like wind and solar becoming more affordable, batteries getting better, and buildings becoming more efficient every year, neither has the way forward.

    At Climate Reality, we’re working to accelerate the global shift from the dirty fossil fuels driving climate change to renewables so we can power our lives and economies without destroying the planet. But we can only do it together.

    We need your voice, your creativity, and your support to win this fight.


    Climate Justice for All 2020 Global Training, Selected Organizations

    The Climate Reality Project recognizes that a successful climate movement depends on centering climate justice. This means our movement must include both an understanding of environmental injustice and the participation of historically marginalized groups with vital perspectives on the climate crisis. These groups include members of frontline communities, Indigenous people, and young activists. We strongly believe that building a more inclusive climate movement is a goal that can only be achieved by working collectively with organizations that are also working to address climate justice. Climate Reality is pleased to have selected the following organizations to receive up to $10,000 each to support their exceptional grassroots initiatives.

    Alliance for Affordable Energy Project
    Arkansas Interfaith Power & Light
    Bridging The Gap In Virginia
    Charleston Climate Coalition Community
    Corazón Latino
    Dream in Green
    Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions
    Faith in Place
    Georgia Interfaith Power & Light

    NC Climate Justice Collective
    Rise ST. James
    Shenandoah Green
    Society of Native Nations
    Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision & Ecoworks
    The Cleo Institute
    The Green Door Initiative
    The New Florida Majority

    The Climate Reality Project wishes to recognize the following organizations and businesses with significant numbers of employees, members, and supporters participating in this Global Training.

    2030 Youth Force (Philippines) | Accenture | Amazon | American Public Health Association | Apple | C40 Climate Cities | Chesapeake Climate Action Network | C02CERO SAS (Colombia) | Conservation International | Convoy | Deloitte | Dept. of Education (Philippines) | Environment America | Eureka & Co. (Mexico) | Generation Investment Management | Google | IBM | KPMG | Los Angeles Unified School District | Mars Inc. | Miss Earth | Poor People’s Campaign | Pricewaterhouse Coopers | Salesforce | Starbucks | Student Public Interest Research GroupS | Students for Climate Action | The University of Melbourne (Australia) | UNDP | World Economic Forum Global Shapers | WWF




    24 Hours of Reality: Be The Voice of Reality Broadcast Partners


    Have a question? Want to get involved? Fill out the form below with your partnership idea or inquiry and someone from The Climate Reality Project Strategic Partnership team will get back to you. For businesses wishing to send more than five employees to a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training, please see our Corporate Group Opportunities guide.

    We respect your privacy. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy.


    We welcome and appreciate donations and opportunities to partner with a wide range of organizations and businesses. At the same time, we must carefully consider and expressly approve any use of Climate Reality’s brand, name, or logo before any Climate Reality property can be used to promote or sell products or services. Use in a commercial context may trigger various state legal compliance requirements.

    The business community has a critical role to play in addressing the climate crisis, and Climate Reality supports all efforts by companies to educate consumers and provide tools for action. Resource constraints mean we’re not able to work with every business or individual who approaches us in a corporate partnership. Because of this, when looking at partnership requests, we carefully review each entity’s environmental and social impact to ensure the proposed partnership is a good fit for both sides.

    Please contact us today to discuss how your organization or your business can partner with Climate Reality to provide solutions, inspiration and hope for future generations.

    If you have questions about forming a partnership or cause-related marketing promotion, please email us at If you have questions about donating to Climate Reality, please email


    Strategic Partnerships brings The Climate Reality Project's message directly to members of the public. By identifying, recruiting and activating non-profit, business, academic, association, and entertainment industry partners in short and long-term relationships, we create new and innovative pathways to communicate and engage with targeted audiences.

    The Strategic Partnerships team, acting as a force-multiplier, advances the cause of The Climate Reality Project by bringing the organization’s message directly to members of the public through partnerships and relationships to provide opportunities for direct, effective action.  

    We are actively working to:  

    • Build awareness around multiple Climate Reality and coalition campaigns.
    • Engage partners in concrete actions that inspire change and further grassroots participation.
    • Network and extend the reach of Climate Reality into other organizations through speaking opportunities and gatherings of key communities.
    • Create and deliver events, information and tools to bolster Climate Reality campaigns and excite prospective partners
    • Nurture existing partnerships and solidify new ones.